Thoughts on Tide

(James Cocker) #1

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience with Tide, " The current account for businesses"?

Having moved my personal account to Starling 3 months ago, I was ready to move my business account too when FreeAgent support came along, but as Starling seem so slow at improving their business offering (the business account still has categories for “Pets”, “Family”, “Holidays” etc!) I’m having second thoughts, and from what I can tell Monzo have no business account plans.

(Daniel White) #2

I guess my first concern would be that it’s not a ‘proper bank’ is it? I think it’s just an eMoney thing al la Revolut?

Not sure if I’d be comfortable putting all my business through an account with no FSCS or anything?

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #3

Tide always seemed a little expensive to me. But then with Metro Bank and Starling I don’t pay for electronic transactions.

There also seems to be a lot of people who’s Tide accounts get frozen. (enough for it appear as an FAQ anyway)

(James Cocker) #4

Ah, thanks, hadn’t realised that.

(Daniel White) #5


20p to receive money seems a bit odd? Bit like SMS in the US back in the day. I can see some avenue for some troll customer whom you’ve upset using that to their advantage!

(James Cocker) #6

I’m used to 35p with NatWest, so that’s still a saving for me! :slight_smile:

(Daniel White) #7

Fair enough, to be fair I don’t really know much about Business Banking and the associated fees side of things.

Sounds like Starling’s free Business Banking is a refreshing change rather than the norm.

(James Cocker) #8

On the fees side yes, but as it’s just a Starling personal account without an overdraft (but a nicer card :slight_smile:), it’s a bit basic at the moment.

(James Cocker) #9

Damn, just discovered Tide don’t accept cheques at all. As I still get paid by cheque from some clients that’s a dealbreaker in itself. Oh well, looks like I’ll be sticking with NatWest for the time being.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #10

Have you looked at I can’t see on their site if they take cheques. I’m checking their app now

Ignore that they don’t have cheque deposit capabilities

(James Cocker) #11

Yeh, I have tried their account but was immediately put off when it took hours for a faster payment to appear in the account. As I often need to transfer funds from business to personal at a monents notice, that’s not ideal. Didn’t even realise they don’t accept cheques either.


A colleague has Tide and when I sent a Faster Payment to them it didn’t arrive immediately. Apparently it’s the norm for Tide to take about 24 hours. That alone should be a big no-no compared to Starling.

(Graham Butler ) #13

Good evening, Andre. Nice to see you here. :grinning:


Likewise! I originally planned on signing up right after the loss of Starling’s community but completely forgot. I am here at last! :smiling_imp:


I have a Tide account but never really used it. It was more of a “let’s take a look” sort of thing.

When I was with HSBC we paid £5.50 per month for the account which included all our electronic transfers (cash and cheque charged at fixed fee + % of value). As soon as you hit 28 payments with Tide, that made it more expensive, so it was a no-go for us. Although now we’re with Starling and it’s free :wink:

Positives however, would be you can have multiple accounts in one app for the same business, and have separate cards for them.