Three Outage

Looks like I’ll be enjoying an internet free day then :sob:

I’m on Three but currently in Italy so it’s not affected me.

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Ironically I had my connection back just as I had to leave to grab a train. (I’ve 3 home broadband.)

Was down from 11:30on ish yesterday evening to around 10am this morning.

I’m more annoyed at having zero updates or even a public acknowledgement of any issue. Why have a support Twitter account if you don’t use it!?

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Maybe they had no data connection to post? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh! That explains this morning then…

To be fair I’m never quite sure whether it’s an outage or just three’s ‘service’.


I use Three for both my mobile and my home broadband. Luckily I’m away on business for a couple of days so I’m connecting to hotel wi-fi.

I might have to complain just to get £5 of my next bill though, I do like bill credits!

Interesting to note that there’s no apparent way to email to complain. To put it in writing, you either use the live chat or write them a letter…

Time to get the typewriter out, then.

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