Token Ring

Anyone heard of it? Apparently I did ages back - just been offered to buy it as an early adopter for $349 (extremely limited quantities)

I’ve asked them if it links directly @ the MasterCard / Visa layer to work out if it’s going to need support like Apple/Google Pay do

Well, I suppose it’s better than having an NFC implant.

That’s ridiculous


Yeah, just have your name, social security number and all other personal ID posted online…OK with that yeah?
Just checking

Unless I’m significantly misunderstanding this technology, this is a ring with NFC built in… i.e. the data is on the ring, not online.

The token in the ring has an identifier, and then that is used to prove who you are to individual networks - who would then have information on their own networks… and likely already do (bank, transit pass, loyalty card, work door pass…).

Either way, if you’re not happy about having your name, national insurance number or other personal ID online - as in on a network that’s attached to other networks - I am afraid that horse has already bolted. Unless, of course, you live a cash-only existence, pay no tax and don’t access any form of healthcare.


I actually want the implant… just waiting for it to be available and not require specific support! :sweat_smile:

It’s the size of the thing that bothers me.

Yeah it’s quite the awkward size in all honesty and I don’t know where I’d put it. If they could shrink it to fit in the space between my thumb and index finger I would buy one

My mate fitted his own implant. He has a reader/writer and changes the function to suit.

Just can’t get with the whole implant thing. Just seems wrong. :flushed:

I mean, why ?

I wouldn’t do it personally, and I’m usually at the bleeding edge of technology!

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Quite. It still feels like fodder for a cheesy 1970’s sci-fi movie. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Chipping your pet is one thing - chipping yourself? Nah :smirk:

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Deep Space 9?

It needs specific support and there’s no U.K. bank support regardless so it’s a worthless purchase here rn

Now, now, @Recchan, it is Saturday. You’re making it too easy.

But I won’t :confused:.

We’ll all be chipped at birth in a few years, with no parental consent needed. :scream:

That’s a heart-warming thought to start the day. Thanks, Greg :smirk:

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Proper ray of sunshine me mate. :grin:
It’ll probably happen though, the state won’t be able to help themselves.

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