Topping up Freetrade using Curve


Has anyone topped up their Freetrade account using Curve that is linked to a debit card (via Google Pay)?

If so, did you incur a fee?


Why would you incur a fee?

Seeing as it’s a MasterCard, it may have a fee? I tried topping up Revolut with Curve once and it gave me a warning that it may incur a fee, which has made me a little cautious.

What’s your underlying card?

If your underlying is a credit card you could end up paying a fee to Curve because they decided to start charging for certain types of transactions if you use a credit card beneath. Also your credit card may charge because its a curve purchases depending on their terms.

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Fair enough, it makes sense about credit cards.

Just a standard UK current account/ debit card for e.g. Barclays.

It used to be free until curve decided a few weeks ago and gave zero notice.
This precludes freetrade banning the card but I think it would be okay tbh their end.

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Thanks, just to be clear, you’re referring to using a credit card via curve? I remember that update, which was annoying. I’ll just use a debit card to top up freetrade as that sounds like it should not incur a fee.

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This is why I wanted people who have actually topped up using Curve to respond, not just on why shouldn’t it work. I just tried and it didn’t work, I contact support and this is what they said:

"Hi :wave:
You would not be able to use Curve to deposit funds into the account as the account has to be a UK authorised bank.
And there are no fees for topping up your account.
Is there anything else I can help you with? "

Don’t they only offer top ups via bank transfer and Apple Pay?

Bank transfers would obviously have to come from your linked bank account, but Apple Pay top ups should work with any debit card set up in Apple Pay, including Curve. I’ve topped up with a different debit card than the one belonging to my linked bank account, though credit cards are excluded from Apple Pay top-ups.

You could always just try it. Worst case scenario your deposit will be rejected and returned to your card, with a friendly message from support letting you know.

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Just checking I haven’t misunderstood you, have you topped up your Freetrade account using Curve?

I did try it, it was unsuccessful. No friendly message from support though. I contacted them and they said it needs to be a proper bank top up via Google Pay. Very annoying as Google Pay doesn’t support Barclays (Barclays issue not Google) and that’s why I was using Curve. This is the first time a Curve front facing card payment has been declined, it was the entire reason for getting a curve card, to be able to use Barclays with Google Pay.

I don’t have curve, so not something I can try, but I’ve successfully topped up with Revolut, and in the past my N26 cards despite my linked bank account being with Barclays.

That issue is likely to do with the way a curve debit is classified then, as assuming its just a regular MasterCard debit card, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work unless Freetrade made the conscious decision to block them. Out of interest, on your curve card does it state if it’s a pre-paid debit card or not? If it’s prepaid that might explain why it won’t work.

I’d suggest raising the issue with Curve to get their end of things.

I can confirm Revolut works, but Curve definitely does not. Curve card says MasterCard at the front and debit at the back.

Can’t really get a proper response from Freetrade as to why they don’t accept Curve. Very disappointing tbh, all these fintechs and not enough of them work nicely together.

Curve have been very supportive and confirm they have not declined the payment and it is the merchant (Freetrade) that is declining and reversing the payment.

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Ah that’s unfortunate. I’ll try querying why curve isn’t accepted too, and see if I can get a more helpful answer!

Usually it’s the traditional banks blocking card transfers into fintechs! This is the first instance I’ve heard of where they’re not playing nicely together!

If I had to guess at why Freetrade might be blocking it since curve isn’t classified as a prepaid debit, I suspect it’s for anti-money laundering reasons.

Out of interest are you able to top your revolut account with your curve card?

Thanks, that’s really helpful.

I think it might be due to people hiding credit cards behind Curve. Up until now, you could use credit cards to make purchases and hiding the transaction as a debit card using Curve. That is until recently, Curve caught onto it and without warning start charging a fee for it. Since Freetrade do not allow top ups via credit cards, technically you could use Curve to do so. I’m guessing this is the reason.

Revolut once gave me a warning when I tried topping it up using Curve, it said you may be charged a fee for topping up using this card due to it using Euros and I was topping up in GBP, it spooked me so I didn’t complete the top up.

Investment funds have to be your own. They can’t verify this when you’re using Curve.

Would be nice to pay my ISA fees w credit though tbh


True, makes sense. Just wish Google Pay accepted Barclays, works have to try and use Curve.

Complain to Barclays! I almost left them over the refusal to support Apple Pay at launch. If enough people care and complain they’ll be more likely to support it.

They may also send you a sizeable financial reward for your loyalty as a result of your complaint :smirk:

Did previously and their answer to contactless payments on Android is their clunky app. They have no choice on Apple Pay as the NFC protocol is closed and you have to use Apple Pay. Google’s is however open, so you can chose not to use Google Pay and offer NFC payments via your own app. It’s very complicated and no one wants to take ownership. Might raise another complaint and threaten to leave.