Trading 212 New Stocks

I figured it might be useful as they look to be adding stocks at a rapid pace.

They added 250 stocks last week

And have added 277 stocks today

I’m loving trading 212 I spend to much time playing with stocks and CFDs though

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Trading212 is going to be my broker of choice it’s looking so good. It’s really nice knowing their financials are also amazing from people CFD trading haha

Out of interest why is it better than Freetrade?

Less fees. More variety of stocks. Secure business model not relying on VC.

Less fees? Freetrade doesn’t have any fees on stock purchases, are you referring to instant buy costs?

I’ve now used both enough to get a basic idea of them.

There’s a few considerations.

212 Put simply, the app is far more stable., orders appear to execute faster information is updated faster and is accurate.

212 is also launching more features than Freetrade. For example many stocks allow you to buy in fractionals and you can now (in beta) choose to buy via a money amount e.g £200 of shares, or a share amount e.g 75 shares. Freetrade doesn’t have this option to choose.

212 also has some interesting features coming out next week with ‘pies’ basically allocate stocks to a pie and you can allocate a % of that pie to it. Allows you to more easily rebalance your portfolio for example.

212 also has instant deposits, full support for Apple Pay etc. And more advanced trading options.

There’s also the reduced fees, and the more rapid expansion of stocks (I think I read 250 a week). They’ve now pushed out over 500 in two weeks compared to Freetrades 250 once.

Freetrades support I’ve used and they’re good and generally helpful.

Unfortunately for Freetrade, 212 simply has a more capable platform.

Freetrade applies a currency exchange fee, they have a fee for the ISA, and they plan to lock some future stocks behind their premium account.


they what???

my friends grandad has printed out the T212 ISA transfer form for me, can’t wait to scan that thing filled in and send that off - Freetrade has lost my custom for good assuming this is true!

Yes they confirmed this in their crowdfunding zoom meeting and Q&As. They plan to keep the free platform simple, the idea from what I can tell is to have easy access to investing for new investors. More advanced features like those seen on 212 looks like they’ll be premium. But they also confirmed locking some stocks behind the premium account.

They never went into what kind of stocks that might apply to. Presumably not any already on the platform.

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Thanks for the surprisingly detailed comparison, I think you’ve just convinced me to test out 212, do you have a invite link where we both get a stock free? I think Freetrade offer something similar?

I added it to the referral thread Trading 212 - free share

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Perfect, clicked the link and it took me automatically to the play store, installed and hopefully it registered that I’ve signed up

For me above anything else (though I prefer the amount of information in the app) are limit orders.

While I switched to T212 last year, I would now at this point to putting stocks in their premium account. I have nothing against Freemium but I prefer Revolut’s version of limiting the number of trades (which presumably is also more reflective of their actual costs too).

I just find Trading 212 so simple to use, the way it displays information is simple and even if you don’t know much about shares, you get a good idea.

Limit orders and price alerts are a big win for me. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Thanks everyone for this thread. I was about to create my own thread asking why there was such a huge amount of noise around Freetrade at the moment, especially when Trading 212 seems to be the a very similar product, just more mature and with a greater number of features.
I think I will try Trading 212 after this