Trading212 New Features

Trading212 are beta testing “value orders” - investing fixed amounts instead of setting a (fractional) number of shares… i.e. working like FreeTrade.

I mostly use limit orders now but this is good for cost averaging (which is probably a better way long term).

I normally just buy a set number of shares, I like it that way, so not sure I like this idea, but then I do like spending set amounts, so it’s a bit of dilemma for me.

I’m not really dabbled with fractional shares either, which I should have a proper play with.

I’m liking Trading 212 so I’m going to give value orders a try as well

Me too, mainly because the price fluctuates so much it’s easier to think in terms of shares. I do quite like fractional shares… but more for US stocks as they’re so much more expensive (e.g. Amazon is almost $2400 a share right now).

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Didn’t see the need for a new thread but I’ve signed up to the beta for this (hopefully it will come through soon)… I’m not so interested in the AutoInvest itself right now but I like the idea of making a “pie” and having my top up evenly distributed among it.

That’s an interesting feature. Got to say they are in a position I’m much happier with than this time last year.

I initially switched (well I only invested a small amount before) as FreeTrade make you close your account if you move abroad (so no good for long term investing if you might move abroad for work for a year or two)… but I am happy with T212 too so don’t think I would switch back. It might have been a bit overwhelming at first though without trying out FreeTrade before.

Value Orders are live now.

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