Transfer unconfirmed

Transferred my account to Starling using full switch. Transfer completed last Tuesday. Some of my Direct Debits are unconfirmed. Do I need to set up new DDs myself? Thanks.

Switch guarantee shifts liabilities to banks if DD’s aren’t updated properly AFAIK so I’d just leave it and have it sorted when something goes wrong


What does “transfer unconfirmed” mean? It’s not a term I’ve come across before whenever I’ve used CASS.

Perhaps the Direct Debit only becomes “confirmed” when the first payment has been claimed?


What does your barclaycard account say for the direct debit? Old or new bank?

That normally means they have moved the direct debit over but received no confirmation that the organisation has received it or actioned it.

Normally happens when you are transferring from an organisation that won’t act on a bank account change without in being in writing. This just looks like its still pending, with Barclaycard, so nothing to worry about most of the time.



Checked online - old details there.

I’m currently switching from HSBC and 12 of my direct debits are showing “Transfer Unconfirmed”.

Did yours get resolved?

The notification from Starling for each of these direct debits recommended that I get in touch with the company which is exactly what you are not supposed to have to do with CASS!

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Starling were useless when I CASSed to them unfortuantely :frowning_face: Multiple issues and problems with the DD setup but they basically washed their hands of it and told me to contact all the merchants myself to re-create DDs from scratch. Was sorely unimpressed and switched away from them the following month as a result - after all, if that was what their customer service was like for CASS, how could I trust them in the case of e.g. fraud?

Hmm. I switched another account to them earlier in the year and that all went fine. I’ll wait to see what they have to say.

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I amended DD details manually for my Barclaycard… just in case…


I had this with an old switch. It turns out the merchant had created a new DD somehow. Maybe just a change of reference. I now have two “orphan” DDs right next to the working ones in the app. I’d just let CASS do the heavy lifting and hit them with their own rulebook if it goes south


Good idea, I think.

If you do have to change something yourself, then you can complain to the bank about it as something that they should have done under the guarantee and ask for compensation for the inconvenience and your wasted time.

Sometimes, though, the old details do continue to show until the next payment and then they get updated with the new ones afterwards. I’m never sure whether this is because they attempt to claim from the old account and get re-directed, or whether the merchant system doesn’t properly update until the next payment?

Personally, I wouldn’t worry unless/until you get a missed payment. In that case, you can claim back any charges for non-payment or late payment under CASS from the switched-into bank and order them to sort it out (they should liaise with the merchant and make clear it was their mistake, and work with them to sort it out behind the scenes on your behalf; so you don’t have to and you don’t get penalised or disadvantaged).

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You’re right - CASS should sort it out without me having to intervene.

Am I correct in assuming that if one of the merchants with whom I have a DD attempts to collect from my old account then it will be redirected to Starling? Also, the merchant will be notified of the new account details so that they can update the DD?


Yes, that’s the point of CASS. You shouldn’t need to intervene at all. (Just check your payroll if you have salary paid into the account - belt & braces :smirk:).


I’ve now heard back from Starling and they’ve told me that the Transfer Unconfirmed warnings were generated because there were existing DDs set up already in a number of cases. This is true - I did use Starling as my main account earlier in the year.

Anyway, they can be safely ignored :slightly_smiling_face:

DDs can be cancelled in iOS ->
Payments / Scheduled / tap the orphaned DD / Manage / Cancel Direct Debit

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True, but having done this in the past with duplicate DDs it’s my experience that the merchant can get confused and cancel the actual live DD. (I’m looking at you, UCU and Lex Autolease…)


Three are terrible for this too.