Transferwise: Etsy - CAD pay UK send

I want to buy something from Etsy. The shop is in Canada. Etsy converts the cost of the item from CAD > UK when I log in to Etsy. The exchange rate is very poor. It’s 5% cheaper to buy in CAD. Is there a way to use some fintech / transferwise wizardry to pay in CAD but ship to UK?

I’m not sure how to do this or if it’s even possible.

There are far more qualified people to answer this, but I’d imagine you’d have to log in via a VPN which would hide the fact you are in the UK.

If you can do that, and it allows you to pay in CAD, you can just use your Starling/Monzo card to pay as normal.

Might be issues selecting “UK” when entering shipping info though.

At the bottom of the page, change your currency to Canadian Dollars


Cool - thanks Nickand @daedal I was just trying to tell Etsy that I wanted to pay in the native currency which is much cheaper (for no real reason) - but I couldn’t actually think of a way of doing this and ship to the UK. Perhaps I’ll just have to suck up the exchange rates…

The Transferwise set up looks more for receiving cash in different currencies. I’ll try changing the currency in Etsy and then paying with my TransferWise card and see where it takes the money from if I pay in CAD - i.e. does it use the CAD balance?

You are paying in the native currency by selecting Canadian dollars, just change it back to GBP afterwards, works absolutely fine for me, when I use it in other currencies.

Can also confirm that this works from my experience.