Transferwise introducing fees


Revolut isn’t actually cheaper for all currencies. It’s been pretty eh for JPY and VND for a while now, and Thai Baht and Ukrainian Hyrnvia as well as the Russian Ruble are never good prices.


There are no hard limits anymore besides a max of 125k in and out each week as well as 75k max balance.


Good to hear - those limits are never going to bother me :wink:


Aren’t rates for those currencies supposed to be on interbank rate? Surely. In this case I can believe that on some days Revolut interbank rates for JPY and VND might work out more expensive than Mastercard, as Revolut rates are settled immediately, while Mastercard rates are settled a couple of days later. However, I don’t understand how this can be a prolonged, adverse trend.

I would be cautious here. Limits are not listed in app anymore, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You might be allowed to get close to above figures but it is pretty obvious by now that once you get close to, I would say, £25k a year, you will be asked to verify the source of your funds. You might have to keep scans of your P60s or tax returns handy.


No hard limits but on the free plan you get £5k/month for free then there’s a fee of 0.5%


Correct, and they will freeze your account at this point too. Was better when they showed the limit so you could prepare & pre-empt but I imagine a lot of fraudsters were spending up to the limit and moving on.


MasterCard rates are set daily and tend to not fluctuate much - Revolut rates however are interbank and I can say that the rates for JPY have been consistently better from MasterCard recently. Not particularly sure why, but I’ve noticed it. Hopefully the value of the pound goes up more and I can get more yen for my money :wink: as for VND, no idea but it happens. People have been complaining about getting poor rates from Revolut on VND for ages.

There are no fixed limits. They’re dynamic and you’ll be asked for a source of funds if needed. It’s not 25k. If they actually get their banking licence this wont even be an issue :wink:

That’s not a limit of money going in or out, or on exchange. Personally, if you’re exchanging more than 5000 a month FX wise, you’re probably trying to make money off of it (which is against ToS) or you’re able to afford premium/metal.

There’s literally not a fixed limit anymore. It’s decided on whenever the ML program thinks it may be dodgy.


Can you link to the source of Revolut’s interbank rates? I’d like to do some comparisons.


I’m afraid you’ll have to take my word for it, I’m not sure exactly where they get it from (I believe their partner is MorningStar?) but they use the interbank bid rate.

I’m assuming you know where to find the MasterCard rate, but as GBP has been dipping recently over the last 2 years (**** you brexit :wink:) I’ve been checking the rates against JPY for the last few months against Revolut and from what I’ve seen it’s been roughly a yen less per pound.

For reference right now MasterCard is using yesterday’s rate as today’s hasn’t been uploaded.

MC: £1 = 144.87
Revolut: £1 = 143.65-143.66

Personally, I think it’s a joke.

Edit: I’ve asked Revolut why their rates are bad for JPY and proposed a solution to them, although I’m not sure if the solution I proposed is viable.