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Hello again, weary traveller :wink: I see you may be in some need of travel insurance and I thought you may be in need of some help with finding some!

Note: Often insurers don’t cover destinations that WHO (World Health Organisation) and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against.

Just to mention, these have the potential to change frequently and as such may not be up to date. Any advice within this is taken at your own risk.

Note: I have not included sport, normal or winter in this guide. This is due to the sheer amount of sports that exist and insurers typically having a whitelist rather than a blacklist, along with specific instructions for quite a few of the listed sports, such as having an instructor present. For information to see if you would be covered, you will have to check the insurance policies of the respective products.

Note: Some countries have economic sanctions placed on them or other restrictions that may make an insurer physically unable to insure you. These insurers covered so far, will not reimburse your costs once back in your country of residence.

Revolut Premium/Metal

Note: This insurer has a “dual insurance” clause. This means if you’re covered by multiple insurance companies for the same loss, they will only pay their proportional share.

Provider: White Horse Insurance Ireland dac
Provider emergency medical assistance phone number: +44 1733 224 956 (call during trip if needed)
Provider post-trip claims phone number: +44 1733 224 958
Provider post-trip claims email:

  • Must be 18 y/o or over
  • Must be 70 y/o or under at the start of any trip
  • Must be registered with your national healthcare system (e.g. NHS; this must be within the EEA or Switzerland)
  • If travelling to Australia, you must enrol with Medicare immediately or after you’ve received medical treatment for the first time.
  • If in countries within the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you must carry an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) if eligible.

Cover Includes:

  • Medical Assistance & Expenses (£15,000,000 cap) (£75 excess)
  • Emergency Dental Treatment (£300 cap, only for immediate pain relief of natural teeth) (£75 excess)
  • Delayed Departure (£80ph, £320 cap) (no excess)
  • Delayed Baggage (only essential emergency items, £320 cap) (no excess)

Additional Premium for Cover:

  • Optional Upgrades
  • Travel Companions (emergency medical expenses only: delayed departure & baggage not included)

Not Covered:

  • £75 excess per insured person per claim (emergency medical/dental)
  • Any pre-existing medical condition
  • Anyone travelling against medical advice
  • Anyone travelling against advice of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office OR the World Health Organisation (all or all but essential are considered against advice of the bodies)
  • Any treatment funded by Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements (EHIC, Medicare)
  • Any expenses due to dieseases that you haven’t had recommended inoculation or mediciation for as directed for your destination.
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Cost of phone calls not to the Emergency Assistance Service
  • Cost of taxi fares (other than to and from hospital from your admission, attendance for outpatient treatment or appointments or for collection of medication prescribed to you by the hospital)
  • Normal pregnancy or childbirth
  • Self-inflicted injury or serious illness (including but no limited to: suicide, attempted suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, solvent abuse, use of drugs (besides ones used in accordance with advice provided by a medical practitioner, unless prescribed for treatment of drug addiction)
  • Self-exposure to needless danger (unles attempting to save a human life)
  • Alcohol abuse (they will cover you if you drink alcohol but not where you drink so much that they believe you needed to claim due to impaired judgement)
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, nay other form of metal or nervous disorder.
  • Loss of earnings due to lack of work because of bodily injury or seriousness injury, following a trip.
  • Any loss caused by currency fluctuation or exchange
  • Any use of a motor vehicle unless you have a valid driving licence and associated documentation that would allow you to drive said vehicle (the insurance details doesn’t specifically state that you require documentation to prove you can drive the vehicle, just that your licence would allow you to. I still doubt they would pay out unless you had something like a International Driving Permit if required in the country, though)
  • Your own unlawful actions
  • War, invasion, warlike operation (regardless of if it’s officially declared or otherwise), civil war, revolution, civil commotion of or amounting to an uprising, military or usurped power.
  • Terrorism where losses are caused by nuclear, chemical or biological attack, or if the disturbances were already actively happening at the beginning of the trip.
  • Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, waste or combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive or otherwise hazardous properties of any nuclear assembly or nuclear component of an assembly.

Conditions for Automatic Extension of Cover:

  • Vehicle you’re travelling in breaks down OR public transport which you hold a ticket for is cancelled or delayed (up to 14 day extension)
  • Bodily injury, serious illness or compulsory quarantine (up to 30 days; this can be extended if considered necessary by their Emergency Assistance Service)

N26 Metal

Provider: Allianz
Coming Soon :tm:


Coming Soon :tm:

If there are any suggestions for new entries, corrections or format changes you’d like to throw, please leave a reply to this thread with a @Recchan thrown in! I will do my best to improve this over time. Please have some patience though, reading through insurance documents are quite hard.


Nationwide is another pretty good option, especially for frequent travellers and families.

Probably the cheapest way to get some basic travel insurance is to buy tickets with an amex card.


Does it cover your whole stay between inbound and outbound flights or is it only associated with the flight itself - possible delays on the way to the airport, delayed luggage etc.?


It’s a travel accident insurance, so covering an accident while you are using public transport if you booked the ticket on amex.


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Hmm, this is getting quite beefy for a wiki and I haven’t even expanded on the delayed departure or baggage yet…

Do you guys have any ideas? Should I cut out unlikely things for most places, like ionising radiation and military activity?