Travelex hit by virus

Looks like a number of banks have had their online exchange disrupted by this

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That’s what outsourcing does, considering the likes of Barclays and HSBC used to do it themselves.

It must be some serious hack, travelex are massive.

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The police are now investigating this as a ransomware attack. Apparently the hackers want $3m by tomorrow :flushed:

Is that all, $3m is nothing.

Obviously they can’t pay it, but seems such a low amount for such a big issue.

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The BBC are reporting it as ÂŁ4.6m and an expert is commenting within the article.

"The REvil/Sodinokibi group has been a quite sophisticated group for a long time now. The quoted ransom demands are consistent for the gang’s victims of Travelex’s size.

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That makes more sense

Being pedantic, shouldn’t this be “quite a sophisticated group”??

Last time I was at a Travelex - which was only because of a series of crappy events, their computers were only one step up from Hertz, so can’t say I was knocked sideways by this news

Interesting, and another major unintended consequence of the EU’s data protection law.

Unintended? I sure hope its intended. Shouldn’t one get compensation when it gets its data stolen, shared with unauthorized parties and probably made public somewhere?

I meant the attractiveness to ransom-takers. That’s the unintended consequence.

I think you might be right ( but just what a non-gradable adjective is, god only knows :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

However, might this be “a crappy series of events”, I hear dozens of pedants asking…:thinking:

Tbf, it was actually a crappy series of crappy events!

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Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I mean - that’s just crap. :smirk:

It was already attractive because of the damage to brand image - knowing Travelex can’t even secure its own systems scares me a lot more than the fines by the gov (that would likely be less than 4.6m being demanded)

Not sure it is relevant - you have to still report the breach (and get the fine!) even if you pay the ransom.

Vast majority of companies will not support people brushing this under the carpet - the law is tight in this area.

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Is that the sound of the proverbial fat lady warming up backstage?