Travelling in Belgium 🇧🇪


Welcome, Traveller!

This is a single section of a multi-part guide to travelling across the world, while maintaining use of your card! It’ll tell you about everything you need to know, the currency that is used in the country, the currency symbol to the card usage and advice on what ATM’s that you should be using. I’ll also be trying to incorporate any popular specific mechants, so you have a general idea of when you’ll need cash. To make things simple, there’s an accuracy date at the bottom of this post.

This guide assumes that you are using one of the Neobanks that give you a mid-market rate when it comes to money exchanges, and that they don’t charge you massive amounts foreign-ATM withdrawals. (Starling et al)

Obviously, using the information you find in this guide is at your own risk and I shall accept no liability.

The Basics

  • Belgium uses the Euro
  • ISO 4217 Currency Code: EUR
  • Prices can be written as 100€
  • Maestro is the only card type that is widely accepted in Belgium, similar to The Netherlands, don’t rely on your Visa & MasterCard, even though they may work at some places. Visa & MasterCard acceptance is growing by the year.

Card usage


There will be (Free) in brackets if there is no charge for the ATM usage, and there will be prices in brackets if there are known prices. If I am unsure there will be no prices in brackets. If there are any notes about specific bank ATMs, I will also put them within these brackets, separated by a comma.

Merchant Data


Date of Accuracy: 23/11/2018