Travelling in Czechia (Czech Rep) 🇨🇿

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The following is based research I have done for a forthcoming trip plus any feedback by other users. It’s purely anecdotal and using the information you find in this guide is at your own risk. Your own milage may vary!

The basics

  • Currency: Koruna
  • ISO 4217 Currency Code: CZK
  • Symbol: You’ll see prices maked with either or CZK.

Card usage

Card acceptance is high in Czechia. This is especially true in the cities.
Contactless has a limit of 500 CZK. In some places you’ll be able to make higher value contactless purchases by entering a PIN.


Regardless of which ATM you go for, rejecting dynamic currency conversion is likely to save you money, especially if you’re using fintech cards that do not attract a markup on currency conversion.

Free ATMs:
Česká spořitelna (June 2018)
Bank BGZ (August 2018)
CSOB (July 2018)
Raiffeisenbank (July 2018)

Chargeable ATMs
Czechia has many Euronet-branded ATMs. These are fine for locals, but tend to level eye-watering fees upon unsuspecting tourists. 75 CZK/transaction on Mastercard reported summer 2018 some evidence suggests VISA cards are not charged a fee. Check before use.

KB 10CZK (June 2018)
Moneta 195 CZK (summer 2018)




Updated: 18/11/2018