Travelling in Italy

I’m flying home tomorrow, but have used cards extensively here.

All high street bank ATMs are free, the only ones that charge are standalone ones.

In big cities nearly every where accepts cards, however you have to tell them its contactless if you don’t want to use chip and pin if using a card like starling, because the contactless symbol is not on the front they assume its not contactless.

In small towns you will find many places accept cards but the terminal is not on display, most use the old fashioned dial up type of terminal so it’s not the fastest way of paying, but all supermarkets accept cards and most other shops.

Again you have to tell them its contactless, I’ve had no declined or issues using any cards whether it’s visa or mastercard.

Italy is still a very cash based society so many shops don’t often process cards payments so don’t expect a card receipt everywhere. With the modern banks that’s not a problem you get an instant notification.

You will have to carry cash with you. But won’t need it as much nowadays as a few years ago. The first few days I paid cash because no where seemed to have a card terminal and no signs about telling you, when i figured you have to get your card out and say bancomat contactless it opened up a whole new world.

They don’t understand the concept of paying by phone or watch, so unless you are proficient of explaining,in Italian use a card for an easier life.


I’m off to Italy for 6 weeks soon, so will explore more, doing some work in Rome so will be able to really try my cards. But based on my last visit, card use shouldn’t be a problem nowadays. Well now I know I need to show my card to people.

You won’t get by just using Amex in Italy, most small shops don’t accept it, and even some of the bigger ones don’t. In the village im in now they all accept cards but I’ve not found anywhere apart from the garage that accepts Amex.

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Would you be able to get by in most places with just Amex - Acceptance even here can be pretty spotty.

Lol, if the UK and US has spotty Amex acceptance, you better expect the same in most other countries.

This isn’t spotty it’s basically no acceptance lol

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I wouldn’t say my acceptance is spotty but then again I mostly only shop with big retailers

Support your local independent businesses! Keep the high street alive.

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Tell them to either accept AmEx or lower their prices so it outweighs the lack of points.

Remember I need to get to US on these points soon smh

Lol, you might be better if with an airline credit card if that’s the case…

I’m only giving people a heads up. I have a number of other cashback/rewards cards.

Literally what I have rn lmao

…or Amex Gold :wink: (But I don’t know if it’s recommended anymore due to the points bonus change a few months ago)

tbh AmEx UK BA Premium paired with AmEx US Gold/Platinum is probably best combination

Italian Government has been discussing these days about a fee on cash use.