Travelling in Spain 🇪🇦

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The following is based on my own experience plus any feedback by other users. It’s purely anecdotal and using the information you find in this guide is at your own risk. Your own mileage may vary!

The basics

  • Currency: Euro
  • ISO 4217 Currency Code: EUR
  • Symbol: You’ll see prices maked with as 1€ or 1 EUR .

Card usage

Spain is still predominantly cash-based outside of the multiple-outlet retailers and restaurants or tourist-area hotels and car rentals.

Shopping in the bigger cities like Madrid or Barcelona is better for cards but your mileage may vary. Expect to carry cash for day-to-day purchases.


Regardless of which ATM you go for, rejecting dynamic currency conversion is likely to save you money, especially if you’re using fintech cards that do not attract a markup on currency conversion.

Free ATMs

Chargeable ATMs

  • BBVA - Was €2.99/transaction. (Summer 2018)
  • Euronet/Euro600 branded ATM - Avoid! €5.00/transaction. (Summer 2018)
  • Santander - €5 (July 2018)(waived for SantanderUK customers) (:star2: @Gallifreyangirl)


McDonalds The American burger pedlars and diabetes specialists are happy to accept Android/Apple Pay. Their self-service terminals are similar to the UK ones where your burger of choice can be ordered in English, if you are not feeling adventurous.


Updated: 18/11/2018

If you have any updates, please post below and I will update this!

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(Manda) #2

Santander charge you 5 euros to access from cash point. Caxia bank was free to use. This was when Went to Spain in July 2018 using my starling card.

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(Liam) #3

Updated, thanks!

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Cajamar ATMs are free. The new ones also let you choose which combination of notes you want, too.

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(Dan) #5

I just used one and it charged me 1.89 euros for a cash withdrawal on Starling. Will try a few more later.


Truly taking one for the team

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