Travelling in The Netherlands 🇳🇱


Welcome, Traveller!

This is a single section of a multi-part guide to travelling across the world, while maintaining use of your card! It’ll tell you about everything you need to know, the currency that is used in the country, the currency symbol to the card usage and advice on what ATM’s that you should be using. I’ll also be trying to incorporate any popular specific mechants, so you have a general idea of when you’ll need cash. To make things simple, there’s an accuracy date at the bottom of this post.

This guide assumes that you are using one of the Neobanks that give you a mid-market rate when it comes to money exchanges, and that they don’t charge you massive amounts foreign-ATM withdrawals. (Starling et al)

Obviously, using the information you find in this guide is at your own risk and I shall accept no liability.

The Basics

  • The Netherlands uses the Euro
  • ISO 4217 Currency Code: EUR
  • Symbol:
  • Prices can be written as 100€
  • Maestro is the only card type that is widely accepted in The Netherlands, don’t rely on your Visa & MasterCard, even though they may work at some places. Visa & MasterCard acceptance is growing by the year.

Card Usage

Honestly, in The Netherlands I’d carry cash on me, card acceptance can be hit or miss. Maestro is the only massively established card network in The Netherlands and thus your Visa and MasterCard are unlikely to be accepted everywhere you go, outside of tourist areas, in which case you should be fine.

Some places in The Netherlands such as Albert Heijn will only accept Maestro cards, so you’ll need to be carrying cash on you at all times, or sign up for something like Bunq, which will provide you with a Maestro as part of their monthly subscription, which includes an NL IBAN (Netherlands). I’m not sure if there’s any other bank that will ship you a Maestro for free to the United Kingdom, with no subscription fee, but feel free to tell me if I’m mistaken! Although this guide is mainly pointed towards residents of The United Kingdom, I will mention that in some countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland (and The Netherlands of course), it is likely possible to get a Maestro through your local bank (duh) or Revolut/N26 if the option of a local bank is unavailable to you.

There are a very small percentage of shops or services that may only take cash payment, as well as a very small percentage that only take card payment. The latter are typically found within tourist areas and will as such have a higher likelihood of Visa and Mastercard support, so I strongly urge you to carry your card around with you regardless of if you’re carrying cash.


Sadly it seems it’s the same case as it is with actual merchants, some will support your MasterCard/Visa, some will only support Maestro :roll_eyes:

There will be (Free) in brackets if there is no charge for the ATM usage, and there will be prices in brackets if there are known prices. If I am unsure there will be no prices in brackets. If there are any notes about specific bank ATMs, I will also put them within these brackets, separated by a comma.

  • ABN Amro
  • Travelex
  • RaboBank (I’ve heard conflicting information about this, so I can’t attest for it’s validity)

Merchant Data

  • Albert Heijn doesn’t accept Visa/MasterCard only Maestro (I’ve seen contradicting statements as of August that someone has been able to user MasterCard Debit since, but I can’t attest to the validity of this statement)
  • Lidl accepts MasterCard & Visa
  • Aldi accepts MasterCard & Visa
  • Plus accepts MasterCard & Visa (probably)


  • Apparently it’s a fairly good idea to book tickets for the Van Gogh Museum online and then to save it to a mobile wallet, buying tickets while you’re there will take considerably longer as it’s a busy place.

Date of Accuracy: 22/11/2018


@Liam is this more the kind of style you wanted? It’s a little less formal than the previous ones I think, and feels less authoritive?

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Great piece of work @Recchan, a really accessible format. :+1:

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I think AH itself doesn’t take Visa/MasterCard but the smaller AH to Go stores found on train stations do


If I can verify this anywhere I’ll change it, although for now I’d rather people assume they don’t accept Visa/MasterCard and go prepared incase they don’t :wink: thanks for your input though!