TSB refer a friend


If anyone wants to help me rinse TSB, just DM me - but only if you know what you’re in for… :joy:

As much as I want a free £75 I really don’t want to have to open a Monzo account to then CASS it away for TSB :joy: I’m not enough of a masochist!

I’d rather step in dog turd then open an account with TSB, even for £75 I wouldn’t do it.


I don’t know if I’d even refer an enemy… I’d feel too bad about it. :rofl:


Lol I left them due to them incompetence

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I’m on the very edge of CASSing a dormant account that has quite a bit of money sat in it, to RBS for the £175 switch. At the end of the day, it’s ‘free’ money.

Do RBS, TSB, then Starling/Monzo :slight_smile:

TSB, NEVER, EVER, again. CASSing from them to Starling was the best thing I did.

Monzo, clearly too old for their customer base and there’s something about them that just doesn’t appeal to me anyway, hence why I have a Starling account instead.

RBS, for £175, I’d be dumb not to open an account with them.

I thought the RBS / Natwest switching bonus ended in Feb. I was going to CASS my HSBC to them and missed the deadline

I think it’s available again.

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In that case bye bye HSBC


To be fair, I think it’s only just started up again. I found out about the latest switching offer via MSE. I would have gone ahead and applied for an account already, but when I enquired privately via email a couple of days ago, RBS have since set up a personal appointment for me in the coming days. Rather nice of them I thought.

I made the switch to RBS. Like HSBC they split the payment £125 and then £50 but I’ll keep hold of it until another switching deal comes along.

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Are you switching your main account or just a fake account with a couple of direct debits to net the requirements?

I’m working through the list for my partner.

Currently Barclays to Halifax. They paid out very fast for me last time.

Then probably RBS, TSB and First Direct.

I’m not holding on for second payments - I want to burn through these fast.

My partner is not eligible for M&S, or I’d try them.

First Direct still offers a 5% regular saver (which conveniently also means they don’t charge a fee once you’ve opened it), so is pretty lucrative and good as the last account on a switching run.

my main account is with Lloyds and my spending account with N26

HSBC was the account I had on standby for switching and now that role will fall to RBS :smiley:

Just to make you aware, the regular saver doesn’t exempt you from the £10/month current account charge - you need to open a normal savings account.

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Oh yes, I’d forgotten that little twist! Got to get through all those hoops…


Hi, can you send me private message? I’m interested in making £75 :slight_smile:

I sent one your way :slight_smile:

Can someone send me PM with referral link please ?