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Hi there

I am a new customer to Starling (signed up only a few days ago).
I am going to Turkey and I wanted to know if anyone has had any recent issues with Starling there? I did read of some issues on the original forum (see the cache at Using Starling in Turkey) but that was a year ago.

Basically, I’m wondering if I should take Turkish Lira with me from the UK or just rely on ATMs there? As a new user to this, I am a tad nervous. Also, I won’t have free internet so I can’t just rely on contacting Starling via the app at an ATM…

Thanks in advance (and kudos to whoever created this forum… I went looking for the Starling one as naturally new customers have questions and the FAQs don’t cut it).


Woah there, I know I’m a bit late but for anyone else who’s going to Turkey here’s some information.

As a preface to this, your mileage may vary.

Remember to always choose to be debited in Turkish Lira. If you don’t do this the merchant or ATM provider is free to give you a poor exchange rate and charge you for the privilege.

Free ATMs
Garanti bank (Accurate 09/2016)

Actual Card Usage
Pretty sketchy to use cards, certain merchants will accept them and some will charge for the acceptance. It’s probably best to carry around cash with you.


Hi, first post here!
I’ve spent the past week in Istanbul and I made a small list on the acceptance of my cards.

Cards Used:

  • Nationwide Select CC (Visa Credit)
  • Starling Bank (MC Debit)
Place Acceptance Notes
Migros/Jet Yes (Both) Goes through normally
Happy Market Yes (Both) If asked, tell cashier that your card is a bank card
Ideal Market No Payment terminal says “user cancelled payment” (translated) right after inserting both cards
Sok Yes (Both) Goes through normally

I’ll update this if I visit any more places.