TV question(s)

Alright, don’t laugh at me guys, but at 35 it’s time for my first TV. Neither my nor my wife’s parents ever had a TV either, so I don’t know the 1st thing about TVs.

My first question is:

In this day and age, do you still need an aerial?I’m not particularly bothered about live TV, but I’ve read that some TVs need an aerial to activate iplayer etc?

I don’t have an aerial on the TV in the spare room, that works fine with any of the on demand players and Netflix, nowtv and prime etc.

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You either need aerial or an internet connection, or of course a Sky dish oracle TV etc.

No Aerial/Cable/Dish means no live TV only streams via the internet.

Not entirely accurate.
The BBC channels are ‘broadcast’ live on the iPlayer and many Sky channels broadcast live on NowTV. Not sure if ITV/4/5 broadcast live via their on-demand services, add I’ve never had cause to look.

However, aerial or not, @anon37295698 will need a TV licence if they watch any live broadcasts.


In addition, TVPlayer is a handy service for live streaming with apps available via many streaming devices including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast. It provides live streaming of most if not all Freeview channels.


That’s an achievement: something to be admired. :sunglasses:


Thanks all. So in that case I’ll most likely not bother with an aerial, because I don’t really care for actual TV.

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Our main TV doesn’t have an aerial. I use the PlayStation to stream BBC, ITV, C4 etc as well as Netflix and prime video.

If you’re not watching live stuff and not watching iPlayer you don’t need a TV licence.


It’s subscription tier does seem to be steadily losing all its channels though, if that’s your thing.

TVPlayer is constantly problematic. Discovery Channel and Crime & Investigation channels have both had voiceover on the Apple TV that was on their stream and not a device issue. Super irritating. They disconnected Channel 5 without warning with no dates for the return. What’s needed is a Apple TV Freeview app.

Problem for them is all the TV groups that allowed their channels to be on it are slowly withdrawing them in favour of their own platforms.

Sky never allows their channels to be on these start-ups because they want to promote Sky or NowTV.
Since Comcast/NBCUniversal bought Sky the NBCUniversal channels are being withdrawn.
Viacom now have their own Pluto TV platform they’re trying to push.

How long until Discovery pulls the plug on Eurosport and the Discovery Channel groups?

Think it’s going to be left as a sort of clone of TVCatchup

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And yet again it’s the consumer that suffers. I with they’d all just get their heads together and realise that people just want their content and are happy to pay for it without all of their shitty apps and extra services. I just want consistency and a single point of access.


Good post!

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The 27th September to be precise. This has extremely pissed. They keep on chopping and changing their channels. You really can’t depend on TVPlayer as a true alternative because they’re just not reliable or dependable.

TVPlayer channels changes from 27th September


As of 27th September 2019, the following channels will no longer be available on TVPlayer.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central extra


Animal planet

Investigation Discovery

Discovery Turbo

Fox HD

Nat Geo

Nat Geo Wild

Eurosport 1

Eurosport 2

Fashion tv

Law & Crime

TVPlayer have already added hundreds of hours of new on-demand shows Nature, history, science, biography documentaries and there are plans to add more in the future. We’ve also added so great new channels from Discover and Channel 4.