Two (/multi) Factor Authentication

The amount of sites I had in my authenticator app was getting out of control :joy:

Interestingly it depends on your OS. Mac and iOS will give options to auto fill SMS codes for example.

I like Google and TransferWise’s approach of a popup/notifcation on your phone to approve the login (with fallback to TOTP/SMS).

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I’m torn between LastPass and 1Password

Do either support storing credit cards and licenses?

1Password definitely does but I’ve not used LastPass so dont know if it does

Android nowadays does it quite well too.

But still a pain as there is often a delay of a minute or even more while you wait for the text…

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Lastpass also supports this.

You should have a look at Bitwarden too

Lastpass has a free tier and it should do everything you need.

I’ve heard great things about Lastpass but I do not trust logmein not hike up prices to stoopid levels without notice

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I’ve recently switched to 1password after being a long-time user of Lastpass. There has been a noticeable deterioration in quality over the last couple of years or so, I finally gave up on it when a bug in the Android app meant that it kept asking for a 2FA key daily which went unfixed for ages.

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