Tymit replacement card

Back on 26/11/20 I received an email explaining they were moving away from Wirecard and would therefore be issuing new cards.

The email stated

  • “We have just sent you your new physical card”

  • “Your current physical card won’t work anymore”

Not a problem I thought, just wait for the new card. And wait I did.
When the card had not turned up by Christmas I contacted Tymit for an update.
I got the standard bot reply from chat but nothing else.
I contacted them again 0n 07/01/21 and as yet I have still not heard anything.

Whilst I can understand some delays with post over the Christmas period, 7 weeks seems too long to wait for mail.
Their silence on this too is now getting a little concerning.

Anyone else having issues with this?

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I don’t have a Tymit card, but it does sound to me like it’s got lost in the post - or possibly never sent due to a mix-up at Tymit.

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I got my replacement Tymit card before Christmas. It could have got caught up in the Christmas backlog and got lost.

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Would be nice if they’d answer my messages though :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Same for me.

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