Tymit - "The first digital credit card"

An ad for this company have just popped up on my Facebook Feed. Not one I’ve come across before. They seem to offer the option to break payments down into fixed payments (reminds me Starling loans).

Any one heard of these before, or know anything about them?

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, they are only an registered payment provider not an authorised one, which changes how the FCA regulate them. As they are a credit card, there is no risk as they are lending the money you are not giving them money.

It’s just important than people understand the difference. There is substantially less protection with a registered payment provider than an authorised one.

Are they still joint liable if anything goes south?

Basically no matter the status of FCA registrations or authorisation, the actual card is a Visa card, so the protection is from Visa, not the FCA.

I’m assuming from the phrasing that the question was with regards to section 75. Any lender is subject to that, regardless of how they are regulated.

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Section 75 doesn’t apply when a Credit Card issuer goes bust.

However like I said, the card is a Visa, thus you get Visa’s protection.

I think this is the first fintech I’ve seen use Visa.

My Revolut is Visa, and JAJA also uses Visa.

But yeah, Mastercard is dominant!


We’ve all said about MasterCard’s fintech dominance, but I wonder if it’s a coincidence that (aside from the basic Revolut) both the Visa ones are credit rather than debit products. I wonder what they have elsewhere in the world in fintech? I know Chime have a Visa debit so maybe it’s more a geographic thing than what products they’re offering?

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Just out of curiosity, is this currently in beta? Is anybody out there using it, or on the waitlist?

I see it says if you invite 2 other friends to the waitlist, you all get placed as high-priority, and also get “the black card” for free?

I’ve just signed up for wait listen will see:

Update today…

When is Tymit launching?

This has been our most frequently asked question over the past few months and we’ve been overwhelmed by how excited everyone is to get their Tymit account!

As you can imagine, it’s no small task ensuring the app is ready to welcome the first customers and our development team have been working flat out to ensure that the user experience lives up the high standards we set for ourselves.

We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes to secure our FCA licence and we’re delighted to confirm that we’ll be launching our first accounts with a select group of beta users at the end of September - and will begin sending invites shortly afterwards.

Once the app is live in the Apple Store, you’ll be able to download it and check your position in the waiting list.

New office openings

This month kicked off with a move into our new London office. We can now be found in Merchant Square, set on the picturesque Paddington Basin. We’re hoping to announce an office hours meet and greet soon, so stay tuned!

Tymit also went international, as we celebrated the opening of our new Spanish office in Madrid :es: This is where you’ll find our superstar development team hard at work.

We’ve had a number of new faces join team Tymit recently and we’ll be profiling them on our website and social media in the coming months so you can get to know the faces behind the card :eyes:

Hope it isn’t just Apple only at launch :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here’s a link if anyone fancies bumping me up the mandatory FinTech create demand by introducing false scarcity technique to drum up a waiting list. https://tymit.co.uk/refer/yX60GjbK :+1:

Thank you.

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So has anyone got on the beta, that was due by the end of Sep?

Not me despite being on the list

Nope… :neutral_face:

Nope not heard anything

I see their community page has just launched. Received an email about 30 mins ago.

Everyone uses discourse these days :smile: