Unable to edit posts older than x days?

I was going to update my natwest roadmap topic but it looks like editing posts older than a certain time is disabled?

Any consideration to re-enable this? As i was hoping to keep the original post with an up to date list of features to come and completed (others may have similar considerations)

Or if not, does it apply to wiki posts? If it doesn’t can you make mine a wiki? NatWest/RBS Roadmap

Wiki posts are editable and what we did in my travel threads


Yeah that’s what I figured, I just can’t make it a wiki post, either permissions or it’s to old to turn into one from my TL

Yeah I can make a wiki for you if you want.
The time limit is for a very specific problem.

We have a couple of link spammers that keep popping up - particularly one that seems to be based in Moldova. First they post something broadly on-topic, and go back a day or so later and shoe-horn in their links.


Oh yeah this problem. It’s a sneaky one, quite annoying too, I might suggest the same solution elsewhere :smile:

That would be great