Unusual implementation of 'freeze card' (Dozens)

Just discovered that if you freeze your card in Dozens, it freezes your whole account (including payments into it and out by non-card means.

There’s no warning that I can see when you do this.

Have asked for clarification of why this is the approach, but to me it feels counter-intuitive.

Does dozens make this obvious in their app? :thinking:

Edit: looks like no, merely a freeze button and an unfreeze one

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I get how an account freeze could be useful, but If I am freezing my card, I would only be freezing my card.


I’ve asked @rob_dozens about it and he said he’d explain the training when he’s back in next week.

Will be interested to understand the logic behind this approach.

Explanation of the Dozens approach to freezing a card on their forum:

So basically they need to rename the freeze card to freeze account because imagine if you had a big payment coming in to pay for your holiday, and you couldn’t because it was rejected. So it was cancelled and you lost out. Would Dozens be liable, I’m sure they will say no, but I think the Ombudsmen would see it as misleading, which it clearly is.


I tried to move money in for the last bonds issue and it was stuck in limbo for several days because of this (and the fact that my regular card had got hidden in the app and I could only freeze or unfreeze the shareholder card, which is effectively a sort of separate account).