US$ accounts incoming?

So Anne has just uploaded this to her twitter, guess this was the big October announcement


Now this would be useful!!!

I bet it’s ‘coming soon ™’. I do wish these releases and other sneak peeks came from Starling’s official Twitter and not through other channels.

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Does she not use her own bank as her current account? That swipe up to see transactions shouldn’t be there :rofl:

Most likely a sanitised test environment.

You really think the CEO of a bank would only have $6 and no spend today?

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You don’t say

Well it is her USD account…if it works like a EUR one, then it could be possible.

There’s something missing from that screenshot… the green “plus” icon!

Wonder if that’s just because it’s a USD account, or whether it’s finally being removed. Is it displayed for Euro accounts?

Not displayed for the Euro account

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Doesn’t make much sense with the direction there going. I’m all it does is tell you to transfer money which you can do anyway elsewhere.

Starling really are doing exceptional at the minute. While I personally would have no use for a USD account, this will be extremely useful for a lot of people, particularly quite a number of community members here.

This is a prime example of a bank looking after their customers best interests and thinking of products that are useful for their wider customer base.


I’m hoping to see more from the USD account soon, as i may make great use of it. So time will tell.

Agreed, it’s a prime example of catering to a need traditional banks have ignored too.

Usually decent currency accounts are either nonexistent or only available to the ultra-rich.