US AG: Equifax hack was the work of Chinese govt

I’m sure I’m missing something, but what’s the Toolbox category, @Liam?

I wonder what all those undercover CIA officers are doing in China…

Observing local customs? Brokering world peace?

Of course, what else? :grin:

Everything that goes wrong is either Chinese of Russian caused.

Surely of China had access to all these records they would have used them for something, otherwise what is the point?

And do they need to hack Experian when they could have hacked someone like Cambridge analytical probably much easier.

Just an example, I’m not Countries government so don’t know how they work. I just find that the constant China and Russia bashing by the USA is getting ridiculous

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Though it’s worth pointing out that the assertion that those countries are participating in such activities is backed up by commercial non-government affiliated companies across a plethora of nations.

We know that with China, hacks tends to be for commercial gain, specifically harvesting IP. Russia’s Internet Research Agency is about influence and diminishing the democratic estate of countries which it considers to be its ‘enemies’. North Korea has been implicated in some ransomware attacks - presumbly because sanctions make it impossible for legitimate means of making money.

We know too that ‘friendly countries’ are in it up to their necks also. The Snowden leaks shine a light on UK involvement, Israel has vast hacking capability and doesn’t seem afraid to use it and Saudi Arabia is known to have harnessed that tech to steal the data of the owner of a newspaper that is critical of its leader.

Sure, the USA, UK and similar nations may make more noise about some certain nations over others - but that doesn’t make it any less real.

As with most things, it’s essential to get your news from multiple sources so you don’t fall into the trap of taking the word of either side.