Useful Fintech Resources

Hello everyone! :grin:

I was recently looking for some solid blogs and channels about Fintech, but couldn’t find anything good enough, just lots of generic info. :thinking:

What resources, people or blogs do you follow to keep up with Fintech trends? :brain:

P.S: Please share your thoughts in the comments :speech_balloon:

Neither are restricted to Fintech, but Techcrunch and Sifted are probably where I’ve seen most interesting stuff. Both have fintech sections.


Thanks! Haven’t heard of Sifted, I’ll check it out

P.S: found a company blog with a bunch of interesting articles, link:

You found it, huh? Odd that you signed up with an e-mail address from that very domain.


Ooooohhh yeaahh, can’t wait to see if yarmax replies to that one lol :rofl:

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Sure, when I ask for resources - no one’s there, when I share the article - here comes Sherlock :tada:
Whatever, I’m just gonna say it - our team wrote an article about Fintech, I wanted to share it here and hear the opinions, thanks.

P.S: Surprised that moderators don’t have time to read DM’s in case support needed, but always glad to investigate off-topic posts.

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Sure he does :grin:

My problem wasn’t so much with you posting links to your work (though if you signed up with the sole intention of doing that then I would) - it was more that by pretending that you ‘found’ it online and was merely sharing it to be helpful, you engaged in a deceptive act.

You failed to disclose that you have an interest in the content being shared. That’s shoddy.

Deception is not a good look for any outfit looking to become a purveyor of trusted content.

By the way, I checked, you have never DMed me or the ‘Moderators’ mailbox.



Personally, I’m still waiting for Aubin Gomis to reappear and tell us more about how great the N1 Bank in the UK is :rofl: You remember the guy? the one that posted a tale of woe that he duplicated on a certain review site and then never reared his head again…

Well, I disagree.

It’s your point of view, I respect that.
But I don’t think there’s much difference between terms “found” and “know”.
I didn’t want to show off or promote it in some way and I don’t have any interest in it being shared.
I wanted to show it to people and hear their thoughts, that’s all.

I didn’t say you, I said moderators, I wrote to one of them and never got a reply.

It’s self promotion and deliberately deceptive at that. The vast majority of sites and forums will ban you on the spot for that kind of thing.

There’s a very big difference between saying you made something and wanted to share, and saying you ‘found’ something from a company when you created it. The latter is not in the community spirit, deceptive, and generally one of the tactics spammers use and almost always get caught out for.


Personally, if it were my tea party, I’d just delete this thread for the reasons cited above. I’m sure Liam will be along to put forward an argument about why he won’t do that.

You include lending tree that has been around since 1998 not sure anyone can call that a startup.

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Ok, so yarmax has been anonymised, so how about deleting the link?

My point is, what is the point of this thread? Just delete it.

You know, if you don’t like the fact that a thread exists you can help it die by not artificially bumping it to the top of the latest list.

Things naturally slip into obscurity when they are allowed to, but threads do not simply disappear from this forum the way they might do on others.

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I was merely suggesting if you delete or hide the thread, this particular alleged spamming issue just goes away.

At the end of the day, it’s your train set. I apologise profusely for upsetting the apple cart. Enough said.

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