Using Starling as a nominated account for a savings account

I’m starting to take my Starling account more seriously and plan to use it for more spending. I also plan to use it as a nominated account for a savings account. I am a bit nervous about moving large sums of money to/from the Starling account especially as I haven’t use it like this before.

Has anyone had problems moving a few thousand pounds back and forth as needed?

Obviously, I have no idea of the amounts you are planning on moving, and I wouldn’t pry as it’s none of my business.

But to answer your question from my personal experience, I move between £1000 and £1500 back and forth through Starling to meet the pay in requirements of other accounts every month with absolutely no problems at all.

Hope this helps.


I have similar usage to you but I push through perhaps around £2-4K a month around to meet my bonuses. Starling haven’t contacted me once about it!

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Zero issues with 10k+ going in and out each month. Not even a hint of analysis, though I’m sure they must have looked at my account with an AML lens at some point.


Thanks for the replies. Looking at previous transactions I would say it would be £1-2k per month in the direction of the savings account, but then less frequently a withdrawal which might be a lot more. I doubt I’ll have any problems as it all traceable and legitimate. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I do with Starling as my main account and Marcus as my savings account. I’ve had no issues…