Using the card reader



I am thinking of switching to Nationwide via CASS from TSB. I would like to ask how much use has to be made of the card reader?
I have a digital secure key for HSBC UK which is OK as it now uses fingerprints on mobile but my HSBC overseas one is a physical device and is a nuisance as no transfers (even to existing payees) can be made without it .
I like to bank by mobile app so having to use a card reader all the time would be a real pain.
While I am asking, how do people find the mobile app?

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You need the card reader to log in and to pay someone new.
With the app you can log in with fingerprint without the reader, but it doesn’t work as a digital secure key like HSBC does.
If you think you’ll mainly use the app, what is stopping you using one of the app focussed banks, like starling?


You also sometimes need the card reader to download your pdf statement which I find rather annoying…


I am a Nationwide Flex Plus joint account holder. To be honest, I rarely make use of the card reader. The only times I really use it, is to set up new payees, but that is a rare occasion to be honest. Different people have different needs and I live quite an uncomplicated financial life. When I have to use the card reader, it’s just an inconvenience more than anything else, but it wouldn’t stop me from using the account or indeed even switching away from them. I mostly use the Nationwide mobile App, but of course if I do have to pay someone or set up a new payee, I still need that card reader, which of course, I never carry with me. I find the whole Starling App so much easier.


I do! However, my wife and I have a joint account with TSB and she wants at least one traditional bank account with branches and I can see her logic. We don’t really like HSBC that much either but I need it for Global banking.


Thanks for all your replies. It does sound better than the HSBC physical reader, even if a bit of a nuisance at times. As long as I only have to use it for setting up payees and statements, I can live with that. I will be applying for the Flex account which seems very competitive.


If you are interested in using a referral code send me a PM. We can both get a £100 if you use a code and then switch your account to them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer but I won’t be doing it any time soon. It will have to wait till I get back to the UK. I’ll bear it in mind though. My daughter was thinking of moving too so I might get her to do it when she gets her account. :grinning: