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Ok, specifically in my case, Water.

So I’m a homeowner and my water provider is Severn Trent. I had my 6 monthly bill in today and because I’m a good boy, I paid it immediately via faster payments as soon as the email dropped into my inbox.

What Severn Trent don’t have though, is a smartphone app for viewing your account. Their answer to me so far, is log into their web page via mobile browser. I hate logging into web browsers on smartphones and so this morning, like every time my water bill comes in, I had to bring up my account on a PC so I could view my bill in big time viewing.

I wonder how many other people out there would prefer a dedicated app from their Water company?

Yes, you can tell I don’t get out much :rofl:

Water companies enjoy a monopoly. They don.t feel the need to innovate to compete.

Personally, I’d probably not have a water company app on my phone though as it would be infrequently used and would just take up space - if I was submitting monthly meter readings then I might.

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Well Severn Trent fitted a Smart water meter in my property a couple of years back, so they don’t even have to walk down my drive anymore to check the pad still fitted to my house of which they cut the cable to anyway.

There are a couple of water companies out there that do have Apps. Unfortunately, some of the reviews aren’t great. My personal view on it is, they just can’t be arsed to develop an App. Personally, I’d like to just be able to open a dedicated App, but then I’m sad like that :laughing:

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Onedox was a solution to this kind of problem, but no one was willing to pay for it, or at least, they didn’t survive very long.

If you had to pay for the app, what price would be reasonable?

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Well there’s the thing, I wouldn’t want to pay for it because STW charge me enough for water, sewage and sullage anyway :laughing:


My water company have an app for managing the account and submitting water readings it’s Anglian water

I would prefer an app. Affinity Water (east of England) don’t have one either. Their website is fine, but I’d rather not faff about with bookmarks and login details.

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Severn Trent’s website is also ‘fine’ but I also get fed up of the faff of accessing it to view my bill. It’s just bloody archaic in my opinion.

Sometimes I get the impression that some companies forget we’re 20 years into the 21st Century, seemingly stuck in the last quarter of the 20th Century wearing comfortable shoes because it’s too much bother moving forward.

Yes, I’ve got the Anglian Water app, too. It’s OK, but what I find amusing is the constant message that it puts up while processing your input saying “Almost there - please don’t close the app”.

Makes me wonder how fragile their infrastructure is that it can’t cope with the app closing the connection prematurely…

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I’m with Severn Trent. I don’t have a meter so I’m wondering quire what they can tell me about my account - app or otherwise - other then payment details.

I certainly don’t need an app to tell me about their service developments etc. Although, thinking about it, perhaps something around service interruption, roadworks affecting water quality might be useful.

But I’m not gagging to install one…:smirk:

An app for my water account is one of the things I wouldn’t find at all useful! They produce a bill twice a year, other than that there isn’t anything I need to know about my water account.

Where an app isn’t available, one approach is to visit the website on your mobile browser then save it to your homescreen. Logging in is quick as I use a password manager. Any well-built website these days should work well on a mobile - often they operate exactly like a native app. Similarly, some apps are just webviews that display the associated website.

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:joy: We are still taking about water companies, right?

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I don’t see how an app would be any benefit. There’s very limited interaction with a water company.
The cost of building and keeping an app updated just to show you your bill would be silly.
My water companies website serves it purpose well on a mobile device. Was easy to add a reading, make a payment etc if necessary.