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Hi Guys,

Anyone got a bulb referral code they’d like me to use? Just in the process of switching my business tariff.


Bulb just announced an 11% increase in prices.

I see lots of people reverting bulb and have been wondering if they are any good

Personally I just switched to co-op energy as they seem to have really good/consistently low prices

For the moment I’m staying with Bulb as until the price rises take effect they’re still cheaper than I’m getting quoted by, say, Octopus (and all but the really tiny players on Uswitch).

I’ll switch once the prices actually go up - a shame really, as I’ve had nothing but a smooth experience with Bulb. (Then again, that was also the case with So Energy, GB Energy [until they went under] and Ovo. Spoiled for decent CS.)

With the caveat that (as pointed out below) prices are going up in November, here you go:


Yep, saw they were going up; however still much lower than my current Power offer and means I can switch easily in the future if I find something cheaper!

I’m also a sucker for something app based!

Snap! Same here.

Even after the price increase they were still cheaper for electric than octopus in my area. Gas was slightly dearer.

£50 of FREE renewable energy. To claim your free gift, sign up using this link:

I may have a look at flipper soon, someone at work mentioned it today, anyone used it?

The issues with flipper:
They switch you without you getting a say in it to usually one of the small suppliers with terrible customer service. (It’s not often you need to deal with cs but switching a lot means this becomes more of an issue)
Usually the saving is less than you could get by following a referral link for bulb or octopus like this one which gets you £50

The charge you an annual fee which cuts into any savings you may have had.

Martin Lewis reckons this week is the time to switch as many providers putting their prices up. I’ve checked mine and bulb still cheaper following their price rise than anyone I’d choose to go with. It depends on area and usage though.

I’ll stick with bulb then

Anyone got a link for Octopus? Laura posted one on the old community but obviously I can’t access it :smiley:

Been with Bulb a number of months but this price rise coming up means it’s no longer cheapest, particularly if I factor in the £50 referral bonus.

Are you going octopus fixed price?

Was thinking variable. There are no exit fees so if the prices go up I just switch away again :+1:t2:

I’m expecting their variable price to go up soon.
The fixed price is a lot higher than bulb. I’m going to wait it out for another month before the bulb price increase kicks in and see if octopus have increased their price.

Another one here…

Hi Dan

This any good?

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Brilliant, thanks @Graham :smiley:

Cheers guys gonna give this to my mother to see if she can save any pennies swapping over. We’re getting a little shafted since it’s cold and the price keeps going up every winter, but we’re stuck because of the exit fees being costly to suddenly have to switch, so I guess if Bulb is cheaper it might be worth it if they pay the exit fees.

Edit: I also like that it’s all renewable

Here’s my Octopus link if anyone fancies a £50 credit on their energy bill: