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Another one if anyone is interested. £150 split between us until May 17th.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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The £150 is up again next week

From Tuesday 16th July until Tuesday 23rd July, we’ll give you and a friend £150 to share when they join Bulb through your referral link

While we are at it, here’s mine.

I’ve just looked at MSE Energy Club where I do all of my energy comparisons. Bulb Energy even with cashback, would still cost me over £100 a year more than I’m currently paying.

My current energy fix comes to an end in September. The only small company I would now consider switching to which would save me money, is Avro Energy. The current cheapest big name supplier, is SSE Energy. Two months is a long time in the energy market. I’ll be keeping a close eye on things. What I do want now however, are Smart meters. I think the whole SMETS2 thing with new meter installations is now sorted.

Is that for green energy or any energy?
Are you looking at fixed contracts or exit at any time?

Price is only one factor and usually the most important, but other factors are also important to some.

That’s for any energy.

The 100 percent ‘renewable’ energy is a moot point for me. At the end of the day, if no one is going to be bothered to stop the Amazon forest from being completely decimated or no one is bothered to stop certain developing countries (and those developed who should know better) from pouring hundreds of millions of tonnes of crap into the atmosphere, quite honestly in my opinion, me making the effort to pay extra for renewable energy isn’t going to make a huge amount of difference. I give the planet 200 years and it’s dead and I won’t be around to see it. That sounds unbelievably selfish, but that is the way it is.

Sorry, bit of a rant, but we’re killing the planet whatever we do.

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If anyone’s looking to change energy providers, I’m still finding Octopus a good option.

Feel free to share £100 with me :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edit: I gather there may be some issues with the link working from FT. The post-slash bit is sunny-peach-582)

Bulb have messed me around so much the past few weeks. I’ve switched to octopus, anyone joining me?

I’ve been with Utility Point, a small energy provider, for the past 14 months and to be honest, they’ve been great. I signed up to a 15 month fix which comes to an end next month. They’ve recently sent me a notice explaining that I’m coming to the end of my fix and have come up with a renewal tariff which is just slightly cheaper than I’ve been paying, but it’s for an 18 month fixed contract and I’m just not interested in fixing for that long.

So, I’m now in the process of switching to British Gas via MSE Cheap Energy Club. I haven’t been a BG customer for absolutely years, but they’re currently offering a pretty decent tariff, Energy Plus Protection Green Aug 2020v2. The monthly cost to me, is exactly the same as what I’m currently paying.

I could have switched to a smaller supplier and saved about £5 a month, but I want Smart meters and the only way I’m going to get these within the next couple of months, is by switching to a Big Six supplier. My current supplier just doesn’t yet offer Smart meters and if I were to stay with them just for the cheaper tariff, I could possibly end up going for another 2 years without Smart meters, something I’m not prepared to wait for any longer. Anyway, my new BG fix is only for a year, so if I get my Smart meters and BG is too expensive at the next contract renewal, I can always look again.

It’s worth pointing out again, that gas and electricity prices are affected by the region of the UK that you reside in. So whilst Bulb or Octopus Energy for example might offer a cheap tariff in London, it might not be as cheap in Devon (places used as examples), even with cashback incentives, as I’ve already discovered when comparing tariffs via MSE CEC.

Are British Gas supplying 2nd Gen Smart Meters (SMETS2) yet?

I’ve been looking at Green lately, they look a bit cheaper than Bulb. No referral bonuses though

Thanks for that @Hatticus, I’m tempted :clap:

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They don’t use gas from renewable sources yet, I believe, only electricity.

I’ve been using Co-op Energy and my bills are the lowest I’ve ever had.

No referrals though.

While we’re talking about energy suppliers, I’ve been offered a smart meter from Bulb. Are they worth it?

I think it depends on your current metre.

Ours was already digital so replacing it with a smart one didn’t change anything but I’ve heard stories of bills sky rocketing after a smart metre going in.

According to the installer it’s because the old ones are terribly consistent. Some spin up really fast and settle down, where are some spin up slow then get very fast which means you can end up paying a lot more or a lot less. (sorry I think that makes sense, it does in head anyway :slight_smile: )

Yeah, I’ve heard similar, which is why I’m not immediately jumping on it.

Our gas metre is an old one (numbers on a wheel rolling round kinda thing), but electricity has a digital display.

I had the same setup and honestly my bill actually went down by £50 a year after going fully smart. To provide perspective it’s a 1930’s built end of terrace with 2.5 bedrooms. We have the heating on from October to March and use a nest for the central heating

Thanks, that’s reassuring. Will see if Bulb are able to come and install one

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