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Just seen this handy little thread.

I’m sure everyone (or most) people have a Revolut card but I’d like to put my referral link here:


Just had a pop up on my phone saying a free Metal Upgrade (which I’m sure most of you have if you’ve got Revolut. :wink: … I must say I was thinking of Metal anyway, so this would be ideal as a freebie!!

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Bulb forever!

Edit: but seriously, I’m very happy with bulb.

Hi All. I’ve been using Airtime Rewards for a bit.

Join @airtimerewards and get free credit using my code:


If anyone wants to switch over to bulb I’ve got a special referral of £75 for you as I’ve been with them a year. Two price drops so far this year for me.

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Sam you beat me to it re referral code :cry: :laughing:

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Early bird catches the worm.
Feel free to share my code with all your friends :wink:

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Not pushing anyone, but just reread my email and the code will work until Wednesday for £75 credit, if you’re planning on switching

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My favourite retailers now pay for my mobile bill, join @airtimerewards and get free credit using my code EK898DB8

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Now I’m already on a cheap fixed deal with Utility Point and I’ve never had a single issue with them. That being said, I wonder if using your referral for the £75 credit, whether Bulb would still pay my exit fees if I decided to leave my current supplier? I currently have 4 months remaining on my current fixed tariff so I’m starting to look ahead now. As it currently stands, my utility company are still just slightly cheaper than Bulb’s variable tariff, but of course if Bulb’s prices keep coming down, then it might be worth swapping sooner rather than later.

They did for me a while back. (though I only got £50 referral credit at the time.) Though I switched from them to pure planet shortly afterwards as they were (and still are) cheaper for me.

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Yes they would pay your exit fees. You just send them your final bill which lists the exit fees and they will credit you

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Even if your supplier is slightly cheaper the £75 is likely to cancel that out unless you are a very high volume user.

Here’s a referral if anyone wants to use it.

£75 off until Wednesday 15 May, £50 after that.

Another one if anyone is interested. £150 split between us until May 17th.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Get a £15 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card. Just use GLENM607. Download the Monese app here:


The £150 is up again next week

From Tuesday 16th July until Tuesday 23rd July, we’ll give you and a friend £150 to share when they join Bulb through your referral link

While we are at it, here’s mine.

I’ve just looked at MSE Energy Club where I do all of my energy comparisons. Bulb Energy even with cashback, would still cost me over £100 a year more than I’m currently paying.

My current energy fix comes to an end in September. The only small company I would now consider switching to which would save me money, is Avro Energy. The current cheapest big name supplier, is SSE Energy. Two months is a long time in the energy market. I’ll be keeping a close eye on things. What I do want now however, are Smart meters. I think the whole SMETS2 thing with new meter installations is now sorted.

Is that for green energy or any energy?
Are you looking at fixed contracts or exit at any time?

Price is only one factor and usually the most important, but other factors are also important to some.

That’s for any energy.

The 100 percent ‘renewable’ energy is a moot point for me. At the end of the day, if no one is going to be bothered to stop the Amazon forest from being completely decimated or no one is bothered to stop certain developing countries (and those developed who should know better) from pouring hundreds of millions of tonnes of crap into the atmosphere, quite honestly in my opinion, me making the effort to pay extra for renewable energy isn’t going to make a huge amount of difference. I give the planet 200 years and it’s dead and I won’t be around to see it. That sounds unbelievably selfish, but that is the way it is.

Sorry, bit of a rant, but we’re killing the planet whatever we do.

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