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Has anyone signed up with Outfox The Market? I want to get the cheapest possible deal and don’t really care about CS, renewables, etc.


They are terrible!

Their website is so terrible it’s almost unusable. There is no app.

Their bills are the most complicated I’ve ever come across. (Seriously it took me about 1 hour to confirm they hadn’t double billed me, when I got my first bill. And I’m used to energy bills from lots of different companies.) And now they have raised my direct debit 2.5 (!) fold, despite being in credit with them.

I’m in the process of switching away from them…

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Did you try Pureplanet? I’m switching to them, and they seem alright. I should be able to get you a referal link for a £25 Amazon voucher, but don’t have my phone with me today, so if you are interested (and can wait that long) I’ll let you know tomorrow :slight_smile:

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For me they were very significantly more expensive than Pureplanet, but I guess YMMV …

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Completely forgot about this, but if you are still looking, here is my referral link. We’ll both get a £25 amazon voucher through it, I think:


On outfoxthemarket: they seem to have had a change of heart and now want to increase my DD by only 40%, rather than 250%…

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My latest bulb referral…this is a £100 each one… Please someone use it haha!!


Just signed up using your referral code :+1:

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Whoop…thank you for helping to keep my family warm this Xmas :slight_smile:

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Just a few more details on them, in a mix of incredulity and amusement:

I was a customer of theirs until early December. They have so royally screwed up:

They tried to combine a price rise with a switch to “variable direct debits” (where you pay more over the winter months and less over the summer) in November. When they did that they appear to have also increased the projected use for most (if not all) customers for absolutely no discernable reason (other than to get more cash, of course).

As a result my personal dd was to increase from £79 to somewhere in the range of £180 (falling back to £60 or so over the summer) - nice early Christmas present, isn’t it…

After initially refusing to budge at least on the updated projected consumption they then backtracked on that a few weeks later, making the whole thing at least somewhat reasonable.

Then, in early December, before the November price rise had even taken effect, they announced a 2nd price rise, with absolutely predictable result.

Just today I then received an email that they are now returning to fixed direct debits again “having listened to customers blah blah blah”. (“oh, and also, please can you stop calling us now? We just can’t keep up with the number of phone calls” - that’s not a literal quote, but my paraphrase.)

What a complete shambles.

Additionally they still don’t appear to have updated their accounts, because despite having switched away from them in December they tried to set up a new direct debit for me. Guess whom I’ll have to call tomorrow to get this sorted…

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Outfox the Market to go under in 3…2…


Exactly my thoughts…

And they’ll only have themselves to blame…

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That does seem quite the blunder.
Outfox was one of the companies I looked at last time I switched.
Probably due another shop-around.

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There’s a pure planet referral code above :wink:

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So, I was about £10 in credit with them. No longer their customer since 2nd Dec, yet they collected another payment of £80 on 17 Dec (keep in mind: You pay for your energy in advance with them - so that payment was to cover the month of January!). They are refusing a refund until they received the final reads from my new supplier. Good job there are direct debit indemnities, right?


Won’t cover you for this. I got Starling to reverse my latest direct debit to them as it was for the wrong amount, but I’m quite happy to have a credit balance with them as they’re the cheapest for me. If they go bust, another supplier will take over my credit so I don’t lose out.

Switching away is riskier as I don’t think your credit balance is then protected.


Of course they do. Just a bit shambolic:

So, I tried to use the in-app chat to get this reversed (because this is 2019 and we don’t use phones for calling anymore, right?), and they completely refused. Saying I’d have to contact the company for a refund.

This has been going back and forth since 9.30 this morning, until at 2.45 I gave up and called them instead. Indemnity filed, money back.

Also raised a complaint about the chat and got it agreed that it was a fault of the staff on chat that they shouldn’t have refused. (In fact they aren’t able to do DD indemnities in chat, and I should’ve been told to call them instead - which is astonishing in itself I suppose.)


Which bank was this?

If you got a bill by early December saying that they were going to take the £80, then technically the DD guarantee doesn’t apply. If that bill showed your account as closed or said they wouldn’t take a payment, then indeed you can claim and get your cash back instantly.


* If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by the organisation or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society

If your account was closed then most banks, unless its Starling will refund immediately.

Plus all you need to tell your bank is the amount is wrong, you don’t need an argument or discussion. You don’t have to prove evidence the amount is wrong. Should the merchant then argue and dispute it, you will have to pay it back. But that does not change the fact, under the guarantee all you need to tell the bank is the amount is wrong. People seem to think its more complicated than it is, the guarantee is very clear and simple, you tell the bank its wrong, the bank refunds the payment.

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I don’t think it is very clear or simple! From the telling of the story, it seems as though the energy company hasn’t closed the account and if it’s still issuing bills pending the final meter reads, so a refund under the DD guarantee isn’t technically valid. Even an error in the bill sent to you wouldn’t entitle you to a refund - only if a different amount is taken from the account to the amount you were notified about. It’s quite different to a credit card in this respect.

The weasely words ‘in the payment’ mean that it’s not just a blanket indemnity. Of course, most banks don’t ask for any evidence here so you can easily say an error was made in the payment.

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You are probably right on the technicalities, as they did indeed issue another bill (and will continue issuing more bills and requesting further payments until the final bill is generated, which will be a few weeks after the closing read reaches them, which can take a couple of months by my experience)…

I should state though that economy energy themselves invited me to cancel my DD, and to do an indemnity claim, and that the indemnity claim was actually accepted and my complaint upheld, despite me explaining exactly these facts. So NatWest ultimately accepted this as a valid indemnity claim,whatever the actual technicalities. (and the complaints handler sounded increasingly shocked when reading through the chat transcript :laughing:)