Just given up on opening an Atom Bank account. Tried last week, and whoever coded the pages concerned appeared to be having a bad day. Would not verify or get beyond the opening pages.

Received an email from the “Support staff” - who appear to be one person called Luke - saying they were aware of the issue, it had been resolved and to try again. Did so, and the camera app will not accept any photos at all - “too far away” - “too dark”- “does not have all of the face”, and farcically “You’re not holding the camera straight” (even when it was propped up on a level surface). I’ve done this loads before so it’s not like I’m an idiot. Sounds like their “compliance staff” (in all probability also Luke) are also having a bad day.

Pffft, their loss

Isn’t Atom just mortgages and savings? No CA

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Yes. But they still want Current Account style verification (which strangely Marcus did not) for the (gasp) 0.75%pa savings account

I went through some kind of weird loop with N26 on one phone, as the camera seemed to go crazy, but it worked just fine on another phone.

May be a camera hiccup and trying a different device will get you there.

Pretty pointless though, IMO, if you’re just after savings

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