Virgin Money

I’m not sure how many here have a Virgin Money credit card, I do, purely for the interest free period.

Anyway, as of this morning, they’ve updated their app. This is the first update since they launched it a few weeks back. Basically the first release of the app was just poor. It has been updated to include a log out button and access to statements.

What VM have also done, is to introduce card freezing, something I was more interested in. And so I have frozen my card whilst I’m not using it. I just wish AMEX would introduce card freezing for their UK customers. I live in hope.

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I’m hoping for a full banking app soon; I’ve savings in Virgin Money and logging in can be a bit of a faff.

Overall though Virgin have been pretty good so far, I’m just waiting to see what happens with it considering it’s new ownership? So far it’s been same old, which isn’t a bad thing.

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Virgin Money got bought out by CYBG.

I anticipate them utilising the same app (e.g. Lloyds, Bank of Scotland, Halifax) as ‘B’ soon.

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So a flipping a V instead of a flipping chicken soon? :rofl::joy:

And in-app approval for transactions too…

Impressive that freezing your card doesn’t prevent recurring subscriptions being stopped - this caught me out with my Google fees.

However, it shows the payment I made today twice - sadly the web interface confirms it’s only credited once :rofl:

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Love a good post, realisation and delete :rofl::+1:

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Hah, indeed!

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Just been reading through the reviews on the latest update to the VM app and generally it’s being slated as absolute crap. Apart from the ability to temporarily freeze the card, it is pretty rubbish to be fair. Better than v1.0 but still not there by any means.

I was able to download statements using my Android app.

Right, time for me to do a mahusive rewind here. So statements are available. Clearly I completely missed the the fact that in the Transactions area it says: You should still view your statement as it contains important information about your account. The key bit here is ‘your statement’ which is supposed to be red and underlined, well it sort of is and you have to actually click on that and you get your statements. It just needs making bigger and bolder for a total cretin like myself :rofl:


I quite like the fact that virgin’s savings accounts don’t have an app and the website is a pain to access. It makes it less tempting to spend the money in there, and makes it feel more separate in my mind.

The credit card app was very much needed though.

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I have a Virgin Money ISA have done for years, the fact its not got an app and the website is complete and total nonsense and they send withdrawals by cheque, means I just save and don’t even touch it. So for saving or investing, its perfect for me.