Virgin Money

I quite like the fact that virgin’s savings accounts don’t have an app and the website is a pain to access. It makes it less tempting to spend the money in there, and makes it feel more separate in my mind.

The credit card app was very much needed though.

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I have a Virgin Money ISA have done for years, the fact its not got an app and the website is complete and total nonsense and they send withdrawals by cheque, means I just save and don’t even touch it. So for saving or investing, its perfect for me.

Sorry to revive an old topic, I thought it better than starting a new one. Please feel free to split off into something new if you feel it’s appropriate!

I had previously applied for the Virgin Money 0% 20 months purchase card but was declined and never figured out why. Going through my credit file I notice the search had taken place back at the beginning of 2019 with my neighbors address (I assume I entered it incorrectly at the time).

I re-applied last night and was accepted with a £5200 limit, which seems reasonable.

Does anyone else use this card? How do you find the app and what sort of limit increases have you had? Have you had to deal with customer service and how did you find it? My intention is to use this wherever Amex isn’t accepted.

Any thoughts/opinions would be welcomed!


Simple, but works quite nicely.

None yet, though only had the card a month or 2?

No, but a friend has + rates them highly. They’re 24/7 too?

I’ve had the 0% card for a few months now, very impressed. Needed to raise a dispute for a faulty laptop I bought, and they couldn’t have been more helpful in sorting it all out.

I rang CS the other night needing to do 3 very different things. Unlock my Online Service (stupid me forgot password and locked out), accept a credit limit raise and let them know I’m travelling next week. All sorted in under 5 minutes, higher credit limit available instantly and travel unlocked.

It’s now my “big spend” card, and I’m impressed.

I’ve had a VM credit card now for quite a while. I applied for one purely for the 28 month interest free period that they were offering at the time of application. I use it mostly for large holiday payment spends and all of the s.75 protection the card gives me should anything go wrong.

As yet, not had to use Virgin CS at all so I cannot comment on whether they are any good or not.

The App. Well it is still a bit basic if I’m honest but it does have one major plus over Amex, the ability to freeze the card when I’m not using it, and I freeze the card frequently to give me some peace of mind.

I’m a professional credit card tart, so at the end of the interest free period, I’m not ashamed to say I’ll dump my VM card and go for another. VM gave me a 10k limit to start off with, which is obviously great for paying for holidays with.

Can’t knock the product at all, it’s a good credit card.

I do find some credit card companies a bit weird though. I have an excellent credit rating, but when I applied for a Post Office credit card administered by the Bank of Ireland, I was flatly rejected, the only credit card provider that has ever rejected any application I’ve ever submitted. Needless to say, I’ll never bother applying for one of their cards again. Mind you, I’m guessing if might be something to do with the fact that I’ve never ever paid a penny in credit card interest, so they wouldn’t make any money out of someone like me anyway.

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I got a VM 0% balance transfer card a few months ago and it’s absolute rubbish! I wanted to move balances from three cards but two of them wouldn’t work. Even phoning them up and trying to get them to do it manually wouldn’t work. They insisted that one of my cards was issued in Australia (it wasn’t), even after I sent them various evidence. Eventually they suggested I do a money transfer, pay the balances manually and they would issue a refund for the difference in fees. They got the amount wrong, so I had to call again. Ended up with a good will gesture of £50 for all the hassle but I just wish I’d gone with another provider to be honest.

They at least have an app, unlike last time I used them, though it’s pretty dire.

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I’ve got the B account sat waiting to blossom into something awesome…perhaps it’s coming… at least they got rid of that hideous jumping bear thing in the app.

It was a man dressed as a chicken, I think.

CYBG/Virgin are using B as the basis for their bank accounts, and just rebranding it Virgin, so I doubt that it will change very much, at least in the short term.

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Oh no !!!

You’re right of course - a bloody chicken. I’d clearly partly flushed it from memory. Now you’ve brought it flooding back :flushed:



I made the gif for the Monzo forum about not liking this chicken :laughing:


Aaarrrgghh !!


“Due to essential maintenance, Internet and Mobile Banking will be unavailable from 10pm, Tues 03 Dec - 7am, Wed 04 Dec.”

This just received this text from CYB - game on then :grinning:

This happened to me too! Really scratched my head, because my score at the time was near perfect etc. Totally surprised to get rejected.

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Agree, it’s weird isn’t it? But as I mentioned earlier, it’s probably analytical, they undoubtedly recognise that there’s no profit in it for them to offer people like us who never pay a penny in interest, a long fee free period. There will probably come a day when even with a perfect credit score, I’ll never be offered another interest free credit card again.


Overnight the app has changed the names of my B accounts from “B Current Account” and “B Instant Savings” to “Virgin Money Current Account” and “Virgin Money Instant Savings”.

The transition has started…

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Any news on when new customers can sign up, or is it just “December”?

Still just a mailing list signup as far as I can see. They haven’t launched their new app yet (rebranded B app) - I assume they won’t let new people sign up until the app is available.

Well, time to give some feedback on my only real interaction with VM credit card since I’ve had one of their cards.

The other day, I decided that I would change my mobile number for all of my banking stuff, PayPal etc. Worked my way through my account apps and it was far from straightforward because for most of them I had to log in on on their web portal sites with Starling Bank the obvious exception. But I managed it all bar VM.

So, Virgin Money. I logged into their secure online portal and discover that it’s not possible to change my phone number there so I resorted to sending them a secure message advising them of my number change and thought that would be the end of that. No such luck! I get no less than 3 emails and 3 missed calls from VM, they suspend my access to my mobile app and then they finally decided to leave me a voice message requesting I call them urgently to speak to their CS team and giving me a number to call back on. Sod that! I thought, so I called their fraud team. After taking me through a bog standard list of security questions, I was informed that there was nothing wrong but the fraud team couldn’t change my phone number, I had to speak to the CS team. Mmmm, I thought. So I phone the CS team and after going through the exact same security questions as the fraud team put to me, they asked me what I wanted. Huh? Are you being serious? don’t you keep any records of you attempting to contact your customers etc etc?

Ok, I want to change my phone number and you won’t let your customers do that online, in app or via secure messaging on your web portal. The bloke on the line says that it has to be done over the phone. So I ask him what is the point of having a secure messaging service if they don’t trust their customers to do it securely online. Basically, he couldn’t give me a straight answer. I made it clear that I had no problems changing my phone number with AMEX, RBS etc, no interaction with human beings required and that perhaps VM should rethink their policy. As I pointed out to the guy in CS, he didn’t have a bloody clue who he was talking to, just relying on security questions in the belief that he was talking to the real me because they have no photo/video of me, unlike Starling Bank and RBS.

Yay, I thought, finally, it’s done. Yeah, not so fast…the very next day, I get yet another email from them asking me to contact their CS team to speak to them about my request to change my phone number. I haven’t bothered, indeed, I can’t be bothered. They’ve since unlocked my app access and I can use my card again if I want to, so I’m absolutely not bothered about wasting another half hour of my life talking to them.

Bottom line, my view is that their policy is outdated. Again, what’s the point of having a securing messaging portal if they won’t allow customers to do basic things like change a phone number? Maybe I’m just being too critical, after all, security is a big deal, but in this instance the whole method of just changing a phone number is too complicated. Not really a great customer experience for me personally and reinforces my decision not to bother keeping the card once the interest free period ends in 4 months time.

You’re not being too critical. They’re simply not at the races yet, and will likely find the expectations of fintech followers quite a challenge :flushed:

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