Visa or No Visa?

Do any of you guys know if there’s an automated system that is built anywhere that you would input your citizenship and where you go and for how long, and it would tell you if you required a visa or not (it would need multi-country trip support)

Alternatively would any of you know if you required a visa as a US Citizen to go to the UK and then from the UK to France (well under the 90 day visa-free period), my understanding is as the UK is outside of the Schengen Area and has a separate visa waiver program with the USA, that it wouldn’t be required for a US citizen to get a visa for either country.


IATA have a pretty good site:

IANAL, so don’t take this as legal advice, but the UK and Schengen are completely separate immigration areas, so travelling to both (as long as you separately comply with both requirements re stay length) wont be an issue.


Visa or No VIsa

Visa or Mastercard?!?

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Oh, forgot about this thread.

A US citizen visiting the UK and then going to a schengen country doesn’t require a schengen visa unless visiting a second schengen country after the first :slight_smile:

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Huh. Thought the point of Schengen’s common travel area was, well, it’s a common travel area?

For citizens and residents of the schengen area or EU, it is.

However you need a visa to go between schengen countries should you not be a resident of either

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How does that work when there’s no borders?

I just had a look while writing this, you just need a Schengen area visa, I’m guessing this is what you meant?

Sorry that’s not correct. My partner is American and we frequent fly to Germany and take the train to Austria. She simply gets stamped entering Germany

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Under 90 days it’s fine, though I’ve no idea about travel outside of your landed country.

You will need an ETIAS in a couple of years though.

No idea how it works.

I’m not arguing about it - it is correct.

You’re meant to be getting her a schengen visa to travel from one schengen country to another, the lack of a border is probably why you’ve never been caught

Travel outside of your landed country when you’re not holding an EU passport or identity card of a schengen country, is a breach of the rules

This is the list of nationalities that are required to get a shengen visa. U.S is specifically on the list of countries that do not need a Shengen visa

Apparently under 90 days is kosher, my bad

They could really use with clarifying everything though.

Maybe a calculator? Type in your nationality + countries you plan to visit and for how many days each, then it tells you if you require a visa or not

There is one somewhere. However those rules will change in 2021 and you’ll need a US/Canadian style ETIAS, even if your from the US.

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I suppose that’s the problem with stating as fact, something we don’t know how it works.

Not picking on you specifically… There’s so much of that about these days.


It was partially correct tbf, I just didn’t know about exemptions for some countries

Partially correct = partially wrong