Walletmor - Implanted contactless payments

Apparently the first-ever digital wallet that offers implants for contactless payments.

Seems to be focused more on EU but seems to be running using iCard so not sure if it would work in a post Brexit UK.

Anyone bold enough to go for implanted contactless payments??

I wouldn’t be interested in implant contactless at all.

Aside from the problems of being implanted (which really doesn’t appeal) there would be significant issues around being “forced” to make payments or taken advantage of while asleep, drunk, etc.

It wouldn’t be easy to get new card details in the event of some kind of compromise either!

A total non-starter as far as I’m concerned, why you would want this instead of mobile payments is beyond me.


No thanks…


I love my gadgets but I wouldn’t go for this. I know someone who does have a chip in his hand, which he programs for payments, bus passes, etc.


It also expires after 3 years.
So would require removal. Interesting idea hence the post but personally a no go right now

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Seen a number of such ideas pushed around.

Must admit the walletmor website doesn’t fill one with confidence. The chap waving the syringe around looks more sinister than clinical :flushed: (Anyone remember Uncle Buck and his drill ?)

Overwhelmingly the question has to be - “Why would you?”