Water bottles near doors, home ... Why?

Did you ever seen that in your city?

Why do people do that? Put water bottles in front of their homes, doors, shops… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In my city the water in these bottles often has a golden hue. Some apple juice, or a nice blonde beer in a water bottle perhaps…


Homeless problem?

It’s probably just me, but some of the topics appearing on the forum just lately seem a bit odd…

But back to this particular topic. I won’t mince my words, but round my way, it’s usually large bottles of piss. There’s some strange folk in the world, notably some HGV drivers who rather oddly think it’s normal to lob a 2 litre bottle of urine out of the cab window at motorway exit slips. Must be one hell of a feat pissing in a bottle behind the wheel at 60mph.


I suppose at least it’s finding an alternative use for what would otherwise be ‘single use’ plastics.

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Hahahaha! You don’t mince your words. On the same topic, just look at all major junctions where there’s traffic lights or other reason to come to a complete stop. A sea of bottles filled with yellow liquid. It’s gross.

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Apparently the first image shows water bottles being used to stop stray animals leaving any more liquid there.

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Taking the piss with those bottles lying around.

Or should I say leaving it…


And imagine if persons do like cats and dogs…

doing xxxxx near homes, trees, cars… :smiley_cat: