Welcome Bó?

Sky News are reporting RBS’s new digital bank is going to be called Bo. It is described as a mobile only lender - so could be more of an Atom competitor than monzo or starling.

Not sure if it will end up smelling of roses…:nauseated_face:

it’s interesting that in the whole article there is not one mention of Starling. Sky refer to Monzo, Revolut and even N26 but not Starling

There is also mention of using AI which isn’t a million miles from something Starling touted previously.

Maybe RBS will be using Starlings Banking Platform… or maybe they’ll just be using Starling

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What a stupid name.

Who do you bank bow ? search google for bow and comes up with

Definition of bow - a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends, used especially for tying shoelaces and decorative ribbons, a weapon for shooting a.

Or who do you bank with BO. Ewwwwww

Barclays have an AI which should be in the standard version fairly soon, so its not anything new from a high street bank anymore.

I agree but the article suggests it my be based on a Danish word

The reason for calling the new lender Bó are unclear, although one source said that it meant “to live” in Danish.

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I’ve never liked names for businesses that could be people’s names (hello Marcus!)

But if Bo has a hidden meaning (that no one will ever know), at least it’s something.

All names sound silly at the start - Barclays? Lloyd’s? Monzo/Mondo?

Heck - Starling!?

If people’s only gripe is with the name, they’ll be fine :joy:

Well it’ll certainly be interesting to see what RBS come up with and how as a product it differs from Starling.

Seems a weird move as by using Starling’s infrastructure they’ll be locked into the features of the platform that Starling develop; I guess it depends on how the relationship is worked out and whether RBS call the shots on config and build?

Is Brian Badonde going to be the face of it? Bo. :joy:

It is quite close to ‘B’ as well…! (Where I walked past their ‘branch’ on Kensington High Street this week).

The name just makes me think of Bo’ Selecta! I wonder if RBS’ use of Starling infrastructure means that we’ll see some speedier development and rolling out of the features we’ve been waiting for.

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I think it depends on what RBS motives are really. If they’re just looking to get a challenger bank up and running (and assuming they use Starling infrastructure) they’ll likely just reskin the app or pull some API’s together.

Obviously it’s all Speculation as to how they’ll go about about this. Personally it would be great to see them put something together of their own to challenge the likes of Starling and Monzo


I’m with you on this.

Imagine if it offered the same functionality as Monzo in a different skin - Created in a fraction of the time…

It’s like the challenger banks worst nightmares come true.

I wonder how they’ll cope with processes and customer service.

Having spoken to Lloyd’s and Barclays this week, I remember why I ditched them in favour of Monzo.


Sorry if this get’s duplicated. My browser crashed whilst saving.

I agree for the most part but I think the challengers would still have the advantage of being able to adapt much quicker. Even if Lloyds copied every feature, Monzo and Starling could (if they acted quickly) adapt, pivot and introduce new features and launch theme easily. They could constantly keep the traditional banks on their toes.

That said I honestly thought that Metro Bank would do this and look what they’ve become. I saw a massive change in the foyers at Lloyds after Metro Bank, big open inviting spaces but after that Metro Bank didn’t innovate any further. Now there is nothing wrong that I guess but it would have been nice to see what they could have done and subsequently pushed the others to do.

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I think (judging by the posters here, and people I’ve spoken to), that the legacy banks could still hold the advantage due to familiarity and confidence.

Most people don’t care about their bank, they just want their money to be safe.

Perhaps a few more years of banking awards and marketing could help, but I would hazard a guess that more people would try out a Barclays challenger bank, than Monzo or Starling.

Just a guess of course.

As far as people like me and you go, we’ll probably go with whatever is shiniest…like a Magpie.


Will you be signing up for Bó?

  • Yes, Why not?
  • Pass - I am overloaded with FinTech / It’s RBS… :no_good_man::no_good_woman:

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It needs a 3rd option.

I’m not overloaded with Fintech but I’d never trust RBS

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Edited just for you :joy_cat:

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Thank you :pray:

I got an email from Bo yesterday, giving very minor details about their progress. Does this make anyone want to run and sign up?



Not anything more to add lol

At least no one hates them yet. That’s got to be a start