What do I use and what would you recommend

Want some advice.

Been using starling for a long time now actually since almost the beginning and had revolut for while too. I always had monzo but never used but made it my main account and got plus (I know a mistake)

I was holding out hope that monzo plus would bring me some perks I would want but it seems that’s all gone down the pan.

I’m gonna be making starling my main account again possibly but also would like a premium product for travel insurance and lounges as I travel to China 10+ times a year.

Should I go starling with dragon pass and some random insurance or can anyone recommend other things.

I have lurked on here for a while and seen people get metal on curve and then post that they are complaining for a refund and canceling.

I was about to get revolut metal but only thing that put me off is lounge access is £27 when it’s £31 to buy without any subscription…

Open to using another account besides starling as my main account but starlings overseas withdrawal limits make it ideal for someone like me.



Is £27 the price for a specific lounge? Or for more than one pass? I don’t have my phone with me to check, but the couple of times i’ve used lounge passes with Revolut they’ve been about £15 each I think? Or have I misunderstood what you mean? Quite possibly I have!

Welcome BTW,:wave: always great to have new members! Hope you stay around, we’re a friendly bunch on the whole :smile:

I’m a Revolut Metal subscriber. Although not very scientific every lounge pass within their app that I checked cost exactly £15 each. Also remember you get one free lounge pass per year with your Metal subscription.

You also get some travel insurances bundled too — just make sure they’re suitable for your needs.

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I want revolut metal and was about to buy it but stopped at last second over the fact I saw that lounge said 25 not 15 like other offerings

Edit. And this when trying to find users give prices… Have they changed pricing. I asked in app but no one could tell me the pricing

I think the prices have been reduced since they launched Lounge access last year. Here are a couple of screen scrapes just taken:

Probably worth checking your own version of the app — I don’t think you need to be a Metal customer to purchase access to a lounge.

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Do you normally travel from the same airport when travelling to China, if so, actually asking in a lounge they will often give you a decent deal for a year.

Dragonpass is probably the most cost effective yearly pass.

Barclays Travel Plus Pack gives you 6 free lounges a year, plus the insurance you require but it is £18 a month.

Over 6 visits and you book through barclays using Dragonpass normally at a discount.

I seem to recall that they lowered the price from when it was launched so maybe tht’s old copy?

Here’s LRH, JFK and PEK in the app as random examples

Edit: Ha! I see @Rob beat me to it!

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Welcome to the forum @KWJOR96 :smiley:

Thanks for that I thought they may have gone down. I’ll pick it up now as it works well for me to have lounges and insurance on one subscription. Shane they don’t do mobile phone insurance haha

Actually they do. And you get 20% off as a Metal customer. But you need to check it suits your needs — it’s not as all-encompassing as many policies — but it is relatively inexpensive if it provides the cover you need.


Wow that is super cheap thanks for that Rob looks like I’ll be going metal and grabbing that device insurance

Might be worth seeing if you qualify for a free HSBC Premier account - it comes with free travel insurance. Plus, the associated free credit card comes with £15 Loungekey or the pay for one includes inclusive lounges

Time to get my 50k out of the suitcase and down to HSBC I get - netting that £120 a year saving on Revolut Metal :sunglasses:


I use to work at HSBC as a coop a few years back and whenever I hear premier I’m like ■■■■ that ain’t happening. Even if making that wage you have to have a mortgage ahahaha

Edit. Ordered the metal card now and found I get a second free too. Would never happen on monzo. I’m liking revolut metal

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Not anymore. Apparently you just need to hold a product now. Cheapest would be to get an investment account and put in £100

It’s easier than it sounds to qualify n the UK if you have a ISA (cash or self select).

It’s also possible to qualify in other countries where their qualification criteria are lower and be treated like one globally.

Having said that, HSBC can be very relaxed about their criteria once you’ve qualified - I haven’t met them for a number of years…