What do you guys think of Metro


I personally really like and hate Metro at the same time, what do you guys think of them?


for a high street bank they are good, but that’s it, nothing special about them that other banks do.

They still require branch visits for somethings, so I don’t really see them very forward thinking. However they are decent enough.


It would be nice if they had a presence north of Peterborough


But… do the wildlings actually need a bank? :joy:

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Metro broke my heart a little and I’ve never forgotten it. I was so keen to get in as early as possible with them as an alternative to the big banks, and after about their 6th store opened hoardings went up on a former Amex owned building in the middle of Brighton trailing a new Metro Bank, the hoardings stayed up for almost 3 years while they completely gutted the entire building and rebuilt it, while giving potential customers zero idea as to when it may be open. Adding insult to injury, although you can’t see it clearly in this pic, the crane, for 3 long years, had banners with ‘Opening Soon: Metro Bank’ on, like they were taunting the entire town. image

If you think Starling’s :soon: is bad, Metro’s is on another level :see_no_evil::joy: After 3 years it EVENTUALLY opened, I went in to open an account, there was of course no need for appointments, but a queue of at least 30 people, many of them existing customers who were angry about various things including the vast queue, I waited almost an hour to be seen, gave up and left.

Fast forward a year, and I tried again; huge queue, got told to wait for someone at a desk (I suspect the huge queue was making the place look untidy, especially since like all Metro’s there’s a lot of windows), in the time I was sitting at the desk waiting for someone I downloaded the Starling app, applied, was accepted, so then left Metro Bank still unseen but with a new current account, just not a Metro Bank one.

I’ve never actually got to experience them as I’ve never been able to get to the point of opening an account. :sob::joy:


We’ve got to have somewhere to store our turnips



It was a game of thrones reference (for those of you who haven’t seen it!)


It doesn’t make sense when everyone else is moving away from branches.


I agree. Anyone knows why their share price has gone down so much this year?

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I do think that it may be a bit of an anomaly, perhaps because there are plenty around London to distribute customers across, but i think the nearest to Brighton were probably Guildford and… Southampton maybe? Perhaps it has too many customers being funneled into one branch, or its just badly run? I’ve said this to people before and they’ve said the same as you, but again, they’re generally London based. The reason I was so impressed with them was partly from working in London and being so impressed with the initial few stores, so I’d expected the same locally.


Swindon branch isn’t crowded (hasn’t been since the first month of opening was over). Neither is Bath’s, to be fair though they only just opened this year in Swindon (not sure about Bath)


Market reaction to provisions for unsecured consumer debt.

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Strange the metro banks in Reading and Basingstoke are normally quiet.

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I was a customer when I lived in London eight years ago. One of the best banks I’ve ever been with, brilliant customer service and the ability to get a card made for you in any branch just because you’d forgotten yours was really useful. Also, fee free foreign transactions which was rare at the time.

Their web interface was poor and I remember to get set up for it back then I had to type my password into an IE6 browser inside a branch. Wasn’t happy with that, but hopefully that has been improved.

After moving to Manchester I closed the account because I could no longer make use of their customer service as there are no branches here.

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I quite like Metro, never had any issues and I like that if you use the money machine once a month then they give my little one £5 every 5 months even if I was to put just 1p.

Of course now Metro is secondary to Monzo coz the odd cash payments.


Only in Europe :wink: which is very nice because it respects the idea of the European Union.


If am not mistaken, they initially offered fee-free transactions and withdrawals not only in Europe but worldwide.


No, at the time they were global fee free. When they cut this back to Europe, I had to switch to another bank.


That’s a shame, I did ask them via Twitter if they’d consider making it no-fee globally, they however said they have no plans to do this as of current. They said they’d post updates via Twitter though to inform me of any changes.

I also asked about multiple currency accounts, to which they said weren’t coming, however they have foreign currency accounts that don’t come with debit cards :confused: so I can’t really see much of a point for them (except for people with high net worths that would drastically fluctuate with currency rates changing)


I just went into my local branch to pay some loose cash in… every single £2 was rejected by the machine; to the point that some spilt onto the floor.

Upon queueing I was told it’s been set to reject them due to a large number of counterfeits and that she had to check EVERY single one of the £30 worth.

I nearly burst out laughing when she literally picked up each one by hand and pushed by hand on the middle of each one to see" if it moves like a real £2 coin." :rofl:

Still at least they accepted it. :stuck_out_tongue: