What do you listen to?


Self explanatory title, I listen to JMusic, KPOP and Russian Rap (like Guf)

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #2

Country music and German Schläger Music (lots of Schläger, I’m a big fan of Helene Fischer and Andreas Gabalier)

(Liam) #3

Well, according to Spotify, in 2018 I mostly listened to this…


You speak German?

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #5

I’ve been learning German for a few years now and I find the music is a good way of keeping the language fresh in my mind when I’m not in Germany

Plus I find Schläger is a lot like modern country


I have disconnected my account from facebook and always use private listening mode just in case, that’s all I need to say! :joy:


Might as well share my 2018 favourites!


Your number 11 (Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes) is a particular favourite here. It takes me back to the Gatecrasher days. Oh, they were the days weren’t they?

(Lawrence Ferguson) #9

I listen to the same punk and rock i did when I was at Uni… Seems so hard to move on whenever I put on Radio One… :’(


Well, since the threads on workign culture have got me on a massive downer, it’s time to think of some tunes:


The tracks I’ve been listening to and enjoyed so far this year.