What Do You Pack?


I’m going on holiday soon (hitting up London & Paris)

What do you guys pack for vacation? It’s my first time going alone on holiday & I’m going with gril so I want to avoid having forked it day #1 by forgetting something

So far on my list I have:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Phone
  • Wallet (specifically with my credit card, Revolut & Starling)
  • Clothes
  • the begrudged fanny pack my mother is making me take
  • some AirPods despite likely not needing them


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Love your generic ‘clothes’ heading. Good luck with that.

I’m taking jeans and hoodies :sweat_smile: then I’m going to get a collared shirt while I’m in London because we’re going to a few smart casual places, it’s nothing that deserves specific note!

Isn’t it a bit warm for jeans and hoodies

European plug adapter for anything you want to charge from the mains.

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Must be the Turkish blood coursing through my veins

That and my fear of spiders has had me with my PC on for the last 4 years with my windows shut (which in summer can bring my room temperature up a solid 10C)

I actually forgot about this, I’ll get a universal one since I’m planning to go to the US later this year.


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In that case pack deodorant

Good idea, definitely was something I was taking anyways :joy::joy: our shower in the hotel though is nice and big enough for two :wink::wink:

Planning on losing your virginity? :rofl:


No comment


I only remember because I currently own about 35 of them lol. Cutting plugs off appliances invalidates the warranty in many cases so having blitzed the Black Friday sales last year to fit out the French house I now have everything connected to adapters. It’s a miracle I’ve not burned to death in a house fire yet…

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This is highly recommended. Awesome travel adapter and great for higher rated appliances (in case you pack your hair straighteners)

MyTravelPalTM Worldwide Universal 10A Travel Adapter - The Most Powerful & Safest All In One Earthed International Wall Charger - 4 USB Ports - USA EU UK AUS - Suitable For High Powered Devices https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KN9FS95/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WF7hDbPFMVGZF

I don’t have any, hair isn’t long enough :wink: (I’m male!)

Definitely will pack though assuming it has a US-EU built in too :sweat_smile: otherwise I’m going to need US-EU and UK-EU

  • I always pack a power bank, they come in so handy.
  • Insurance Documents and a copy of my passport.
  • First aid kit containing the basics, like antihistamines, ibuprofen, paracetamol, Imodium and indigestion tablets. People mock me for doing it, but ask my friends over the years, how handy its been me having it all.
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But of a technical thing instead of a general packing thing but if you don’t have one already grab an EHIC off the government website. I think you have a metal plan with someone with a travel insurance but it’s always worth having the EHIC too.

Have one on my phone :wink:

I have them on my phone but I guess I could print physical copies, regardless I’d have to call White Horse to actually try and get approval for claims

I do have an EHIC already :slight_smile: mother got me one ages ago

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Add your straight, manly rugby kit to your list.

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That’s the point in having copies, if you happen to be robbed or something happens, the fact you have copies in the hotel or so on, means life is so much easier.

Where are you travelling from?