What does Future Banking Depend upon?

Hi Everyone :wave:, this is Jhay and i am from Leading FinTech and Regtech product based company. am interested in knowing about future of Fintech Industry?

And what is the future life of Digital Banking, will it fully depends upon Softwares or else what?
i would really appreciate those who spend 2-5 minutes, in giving clarification, Thank You.

That does sound like your boss has said give me some ideas Jhay of what we need to be building next.

:man_shrugging: :thinking: I’ll ask Fintech talk

Reply with one word is my advice:



And then follow it up with

smart contracts

Say you need to integrate with MetaMask and throw in a few other words like Defi


yeaa., you are correct phil :blush: :blush:. Planning and building ideas is on my side. .,So, this time i must focus and get more knowledge on Blockchain practices.

How can you describe your company as a “Leading FinTech and Regtech product based company” if your product isn’t built yet?

Hardly leading anything. More like sadly lacking and lagging behind.

Be interesting to know who this leading fintech company is?

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No, RobD. we have already well built and our products are moving in Market.,

If its possible to give any valuable ideas then you can., Any info. needed, you can go through my profile., There you can know that.,

What types of products are you currently developing?

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Fintech and Regtech products., like CRS, FSCS SCV, Netremit.,etc.,

Do you have any URLs to view?

yes., i do share our product page URL:- https://www.macroglobal.co.uk/scv/enterprise-solution-suite-all-in-one.html

I’m having a hard time understanding what all that has to do with customers of Fintech banks (which I imagine is what most of us are)…

Who do you see as your target market?

Small and Medium banks in UK, Our major business targets on Regulatory & Financial Technology Products and Services.