What is the timescale to respond to a complaint?

I’ve now put in a formal complaint to N26!

I’ve already mentioned here about my issue with them :

Now a week later and basically told by the customer service on Twitter ‘’We do not have an update on this matter. We apologise for the wait and then ‘’We will get back to you as soon as we do’’

So I basically had it out with them via DM how shocking this is and that all they do is just repeat the same lines of ‘’We will come back to you when we have an update’’ or ‘’We understand your frustration’’ and they never actually get anything sorted. Also, that I’ve now come to the conclusion they just say what they want they think customers want to hear without ever getting their issue resolved.

I’ve also tried messaging and asking them what the timescale is to respond to a complaint as they’ve blatantly refused to give me a timeframe on getting this sorted and I’ve now had no choice but to now refer it to the complaints team as they’re blatantly ignoring me via DM now.

Luckily I kept a record of all email correspondence from them earlier on in the year when I received emails stated the account was closed properly.

How this company think they’re providing a good service is beyond me.

Have a look at clause A17 of their T&C

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I think it’s 15 days from acknowledgement of complaint

Curve and Starling advised me they would reply within that limit

Initial response should be within 3 days if they can solve it quickly but in the end it is 8 weeks as with any UK bank.

N26 is a passported company that means it is only registered with the FCA not Authorised by them, that means any complaint referred to the ombudsmen are mainly considered on N26’s own terms rather than all the FCA rules, which N26 is only required to partially comply with. There are minimum standards for a passported bank in the UK, it only has to abide by them, not the full standards and rules.

It has 15 days to acknowledge your complaint (because its not related to a payment so the 3 day rule does not apply), and 8 weeks to give you a final response.

Reading your complaint, it does seem incompetence by N26 though and account closures are covered under the standards N26 has to abide by, especially as you didn’t default on any contractual agreement with them by leaving the money for your metal payment in there.