What would you like to see from Starling in 2020?

What would you like to see from Starling next year?

For me, I think they’re pretty much perfect in terms of what I’d expect from a current account. I’ve also had a pretty exceptional customer service experience the other day which has made me make the decision to move over my main income and spending & direct debit all over to Starling. No other bank is even coming close to them for me now.

The only thing I’d probably like to see now is a marketplace integration with a savings account.

However, to where they were 12 months ago, they’ve come on leaps and bounds and they should be truly congratulated.

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I’d like to see better merchant enrichment - that’s done faster; waiting months isn’t good enough

I’d also like to see the Starling credit card finally appear

Some travel insurance in marketplace

P much all though

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I’d like to see the ability to pay directly from a goal…


I think I’d be prepared to go all in on a joint account, but only if Starling introduced a different coloured debit card to differentiate between sole and joint accounts.

If Starling introduced a credit card, it would have to be a bit more special than some of the carp being touted out there at the moment, i.e. a decent rewards scheme or a lengthy interest free period of 20 months plus.

Otherwise on a day to day basis, things are pretty good from my perspective. As far as the App is concerned, I don’t like the new bar thing at the bottom, I preferred the previous incarnation and I wish they’d bring that back if I’m honest.

Eh? What’s the point when you can get it cheaper from a website? It saves you having to type out your name and address, but then you have to regularly re-authorise the connection so probably causes more effort. I just don’t see it?

I’d like to see cheque imaging and website access available in 2020.

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I couldn’t agree more. I only ever buy insurance products these days via comparison sites, except for travel insurance because I have it via Nationwide.

I have no personal experience of using the Marketplace for anything, so if anyone can positively say they’ve purchased an insurance product cheaper or at a matched price for comparable product bought from a comparison site, then I’d be interested to hear it.

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You can link third party bought things to the marketplace if it’s supported - so you could buy it direct or from the comparison site then link it (that’s what I did w/ so-sure)

I just want to be able to see I have everything financial service wise from my Starling app, tbh

For them to announce they have started to make a profit :grin:

Then we will know that they have truly become a real challenger to the established banks.


It already says in app they’re building cheque imaging and I’m sure Personal web access should be coming at some point in 2020 as it’s already available for Starling’s business customers.


i reckon it’s enabled on 25th dec :wink: joking ofc but it’d be nice

Definitely! They’ve already confirmed it’s coming, so I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see and I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

I also anticipate they should be launching in Ireland in 2020 too from what I’ve read then hopefully an expansion across Europe will be on the cards. They have a great product and great company ethos which will no doubt be successful worldwide.

You’re going to be disappointed because Anne Boden has already ruled that out. In the Ask Starling videos the other month she was asked about this and she said “probably not”, which I think we can take to mean “definitely not”

She did say they were working on something better instead, and I’m expecting that to be a second personal current account to pay your bills from, because in the same video she said that a second current account was a good idea and “watch this space”.

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I expect something better than this from a forward thinking ‘challenger’ bank that has no baggage so doesn’t have to consider old computer systems. I want them to aim higher and bring us something really useful and revolutionary. A second account is such an obvious and outdated idea.


It’s actually an extremely clever idea

Separation of bills and spending is a much easier route to avoiding bailiffs at your door

As such if you have your bills account and spending account :+1: a-ok

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Clever? I’d say it was unimaginative. Let’s see what Starling comes up with.

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Definitely not clever. It’ll be a real disappointment if that’s what they come up with.

Surely in these days of fintech, it must be “smart” at least?


I’d be amazed if a second current account was the solution they were working on.

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  • Cheque imaging.
  • Current/Joint account savings or higher interest (either themselves or via partners).
  • Different colour cards between Joint/Current.
  • Android feature parity with iOS (I think iOS is ahead by about 2-3 features now).
  • Library of colours/images/icons to choose from for Spaces.
  • Move off of GPS.

Credit card.

It’s the only thing I still want from them as I’m very satisfied with their current account services. Hoping for free worldwide purchases and withdrawals. Cashback is nice, but not going to make or break it for me. Of course, I’m excited for the ease of use through the app and having instant notifications. Besides that, their expansion across Europe in 2020 will be a fun new adventure to watch.

Do you think a bank like Starling would/should ever offer investment accounts? I don’t invest right now but it is my next big financial step, and I’m on the hunt for “platforms” through which to do this.

Starling has long held the view that it’s Marketplace is where it’ll offer other 3rd party financial products, so I’d be surprised if they brand any such similar products as their own.

Somehow I don’t see a Starling credit card any time soon.