Where is Tom?

My Twitter feed is full of advise and information from Starling regarding ways the bank is helping businesses and personal customers, in particular Anne Boden is very vocal with regards helping business account holders. Monzo on the other hand seems relatively quiet particularly with what help they are offering business account holders - where is Tom Blomfield? He seems very quiet at the moment - I hope he managed to get hold of his favourite artisanal flour mill as was his main concern on his last tweet.

Monzo have been uncharacteristically quiet for a while now. It’s troubling to say the least. I would have expected Monzo to be at the forefront of helping people given their often touted ethos, but they’re more interested in cutting operational costs right now.

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Probably moved on to the next venture!

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Tom seems to have been relatively quiet for some time now that monzo has established its bank foundations. Not sure why.

There’s a noticeable difference in how the ceos of monzo and startling operate publicly especially now compared to when monzo started out.

But there has also always been a different in how the companies themselves operate as well.

The flour tweet seems par for the norm now. The last tweet I remember him making was asking something about a game.


Fintechs do seem to take the ‘tech company’ approach of putting their CEO’s up, front and centre - and it’s something I’ve never really liked. Just be a bank!

None of this cult of personality bullshit… You’re not Apple.


The tendency of fans to refer to the respective CEOs simply by their first name “Tom” and to a lesser extent, “Anne” is arse-clenching.

Monzo fans particularly seem to deify their CEO. This, “we’re all mates” - one big family thing - is irritating too.

I’m not really interested in the utterances of either.

There was a time when anything Monzo’s CEO said was treated as though Moses had brought it down the mountain, with days of line-by-line analysis to follow. Radio silence now.

Anne Boden, on the other hand, is ever-present and at least seems to be clued into the here & now. But these are easy wins for her, as Starling appears to be in a positive place and “on-message”. (Another reason why axing the Starling forum was wise :slightly_smiling_face:).


That just seems to be the more modern style these days. You kind of did it yourself with a more modern and informal ‘Anne Boden ’ rather than Ms Boden.

I’m more inclined to see it as a fan-base thing.

I used her actual name rather than the populist version I‘d referred to. And I’d have been laughed off this forum if I’d used “Ms Boden” :rofl:.

I mean, never let it be said that I’m pretentious… :face_with_monocle: