Which? Best Savings Providers 2020

  1. Monzo :face_with_monocle: Monzo offers saving accounts?!

A couple of third party providers with not very good rates. You have to wonder who responds to these polls :thinking:


While Which? does some excellent work in championing consumers, I’ve long wondered about the accuracy of their reviews. Some of the ones I’ve seen on other topics are superficial at best and misleading. It seems that this one might be too. Such a shame.


I’ve seen many a review from Which forgetting or excluding mentions of features and some flat out saying something is impossible on a certain product when it’s not.

I feel their “experts” are anything but.


LMAO so because which has monzo at 2 which must be poor at reviewing…

Which did their product rating and then its offset by Which customer reviews. Monzo didnt score top for product rating but the Which survey results pushed it up.

This place sometimes with the Monzo hate…

I don’t think that’s necessarily why people think they are poor at reviewing.

I can say from experience, that there is an absolute bias, both to their experts, and the customers who respond to the polls.

Switching to NFU Mutual for my insurance many years back on the basis of their recommendation was a mistake on my part, and they have been the worst insurer I’ve ever been with. Ecotricity was a similar mistake, though they were by no means the worst, they were not nearly as impressive as their scores made them seem at the time.

Likewise the highest rated washing machine at the time ruined some of my clothes, even on the gentles cycle.

I’m not personally fond of them as a business either.


Not at all, I’m knocking the hi-fi, tech and audio reviewers at Which? if I’m knocking anyone.

I don’t read Which? articles because of how poorly researched those have been in the past, with products I personally know a lot about.

What they say about Bank A or B doesn’t matter to me as I dont trust their opinion on any subject.


For Pete’s sake, if you can’t trust Which?, then who can you trust ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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They’ve offered them for ages as ‘Savings Pots’, done through third-parties so it’s not instant for withdrawals etc. but works pretty much the same UX wise to regular pots.

Monzo Plus offers 1% interest up to 2k on balance & regular pots too.