Which card do you use when you buy abroad?

Which cards do you use on the web when you buy out of UK?

And which “physical” cards do you bring with yourself when you go out UK?

Facebook… getting lazy :wink:


Yep. I’ve been thinking the same. Seems like random questions being asked just for the hell of it.

Reminds me of someone else who asked for advice recently. I spent ages replying to them with helpful information. They then went and edited their original question to nothing leaving my post completely out of context.

I wonder why I bother sometimes.


I always just assumed it was part of a bigger long-term phishing scheme

All the questions are designed to elicit personal information from us whilst at the same time appearing completely silly


To be fair… tounge in cheek… we use a similar line on reddit posts of “Nice try Police Scotland”, when people say they are looking for various substance…

But I have mentioned these questions a few times recently, does seem odd and very much reminds me of a user from the Monzo forums (i’m not going to out them because i’m not that mean… but it’s very recognisable).

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If you don’t like a question. You are not forced to respond.

Replies should be on-topic… or there shouldn’t be replies.

If you want to bring anything to the attention of the mods, knock yourself out, but let’s not go around accusing forum members of potential criminality from a position of ignorance.

By the way guideline 8 is worth a look.


Thanks to Liam

When eating out what’s your favourite condiment?

Sorry Liam!

It would be good to hear what you do isn’t his regard?

I use 3 different free cards at the moment

each one with a particular feature

But I would use only one free card with all features if possible

Which cards would you recommend?

What are your 3 cards? And what are the particular features?

I just use Revolut tbh

Kind of want to ditch them just to cut down on cards, at least in the UK

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What are your 3 cards? And what are the particular features?

I made a question, I’m replying by myself :smiley:

I thought it is better I don’t say that

May be “Mr phishing scheme” above and the others will accuse me then to advertise these cards


I think it’s weirder to ask the community which card(s) one uses, but are not willing to answer the question yourself.


In fact I’m not asking about what is your pass code or what is your IBAN or what is your number/secret number of the card you use abroad…

I was only asking what card people are using for purchasing abroad .

For example Recchan says Revolut …

Me neither… :point_down:

What’s the problem, why can’t you answer these questions?


If you see the post above you can see how many users go crazy for my questions… someone said “bigger long-term phishing scheme”

because if I say what card I use it can happen that someone could say “you open this topic to publicize those cards”

in the past I’ve open a thread about opinion about italians in UK because I’m Italian and I want to know simply how italians are considered in your country… and people go crazy for my question.
So I have cancelled immediately that post.

So now I will be careful when I write somthing …

@Recchan said he uses Revolut. He hasn’t been accused of anything.

I think you’ll find if you answer the question instead of finding excuses not to answer it you might find more support from others on this forum .

Personally I travel with Revolut too.

Your turn…

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I’ve accused him of many things. Only some have been reported to the relevant authorities, others we have dealt with between us and I now have free food at his work whenever I like. Given I’d have to go to Swindon to get it I didn’t really think that through very well…